How To Deal With Paranoia

Numerous people  experience suspecious and irrational thoughts sometimes. When these fears are exaggerated and there is no evidence to be true, they consider as paranoid thoughts.

For example if you thinking that someone want ta harm you even there is not a clear intention why, might be paranoia speaking.

If someone is experiencing paranoia:

  • They fear of something bad will happen to them.
  • They think other people or some extrenal factors are responsible.
  • Their beliefs are not based in true facts and are too exaggerated.

Paranoid thoughts tell you:

  • you going to get hurt, physically or emotionally. At your neigbourhood you see a group of people talking. Your first thought is ” they talking about me behind my back”, “they planning something against me” “I must lock the door and keep away from them”
  • Financial harm. You thinking someone want to steal from you and them thoughts become excessive.

How to deal with paranoia?

First you must be sure you have paranoid thoughts and not anxiety disorder. Paranoia and anxiety are two different mental disorders but they both have some common grounds. If you had a bad past experience you might just being anxious about the situation. To make sure you having paranoid thoughts you might should be examined by an professional. Also evaluate and check your suspecious thoughts. Is there anything at all that suggest that person want to hurt you, or attack you. Because sometimes you find it hard to trust people, that might as your past events has tought you. Once you’re convinced that you have paranoia consider:

1. Avoid drinking alcohol and any drug use.

Experts say people using the illegal substances increase the risk of experiencing paranoia. About 80 percent of cocaine users have induced-cocaine paranoia. Other illegal substances can cause paranoia as an side effect of them drugs. Heavy and chronic drinkers of alcohol experience paranoia too.

So if you willing to get rid of paranoia, deal with them issues prior, and stay away of illegal drugs.

2. Think  deep about triggers and situations.

If you have had a trauma or a loss in last year that might be the cause of having paranoid thoughts. Or something else is triggering the paranoia. Just take time and think deep what is causing them thoughts. Knowing the cause of them thoughts make it easy to deal with paranoia.

3. Track your thoughts and feelings.

When are you experiencing paranoid thoughts? When you out and about? When you at home? When you on social situation?

Where’re you more paranoid? Is it when you out and around certain people? Is there a group of people or a special place that make you feel paranoid. Why you think is that?

4.Avoid or reduce exposure  to your triggers.

Based on what your triggers were either avoid them or if that not possible then reduce the contact with them. If there some people make you feel paranoid try and avoid them. If there is route that triggers paranoia avoid it by taking a new route.

5. Question your thoughts.

If your paranoia is triggered by certain people, question your thoughts: Are you just assuming it based on some opinion or is your thought based in some realistic facts?

6. Distract your thoughts.

If  dealing with paranoia thoughts get to much, distract them thoughts. Go meet a friend and have a conversation or go for walk, or telephone an old friend. This doesn’t address the problem but it make you distract the paranoia for the moment.

7. Consider professional help.

Talking to a therapist usually help people deal with paranoia. But if you think your paranoia is getting severe as you start having harmful thoughts towards yourself or someone else consider to seek professional help immediately.

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4 responses to “How To Deal With Paranoia

  1. True but only 1% will agree to having got into Paranoia problem. You have rightly said “First you must be sure you have paranoid thoughts and not anxiety disorder”. Generally I have come across a few individuals in life who are suffering from this condition and in all the cases they were rich people doing nothing for themselves or for the society.

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