Change Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow is not a random new day. It’s new day of a New Year. Everone today should look back and see the way of 2015 went. What did you accomplish, did you learn a new skill, a new language or you were stuck in that nine to five job and nothing new happened. If so no need to worry or panic. You might want to plan something different for the new year. That’s only if you not as happy as you want to be.

I did some research today to see Β what most people’s new year resolutions would be. Down below I’ll list some of them. Because I think they would apply to many people:

1. Spend more time with your family and friends.

At the end of the day you just want to be happier. And family is a big part of your life. Home is where your heart is. You find peace, you find love, you find happiness. I am not saying always. As sometimes there might be arguments. But that is a little thing. You feel upset you turn to people you love most. And for me that would be your family.

Work and career is important to everyone of us, but we need to create a right work-life balance. Spend more quality time with our family, maybe visit some new places, do whatever makes you all happy.

2. Learn to cook.

People in general like cooking. Most of us know how to cook a nice meal. But if one of you like to learn to cook this never been more easy. You just search what ever you like to cook and you find everything on the internet. That is if you dont have enough time and money for a course.

3. Exercise more.

Exercise make you feel better and is known for health benefits. Just do a bit more this year. Runing, gym, walking with your thoughts or whatever works for you.

4. Quit smoking & drinking.

If you a smoker or a drinker this would be a great change for you and your health. Just remember a lot of people done it before, a lot people are doing it right now. So can you. Use a bit of your strengths.

5. Have more fun.

As life gets more hectic and stressful everyone would love to have more fun next year. Just do more fun things, what you enjoy most doing. I would love to travel more and visit some new places. Scotland is my next destination, United States after. Hopefully.

6. Learn a new skill or new language.

This is in most peoples new year rezolutions. And it feels good. So why not! Just learn more and develop yourself. Be a better you.

7. Help others.

Maybe tonight is worth reminding ourselves that, we’re lucky. Being greatful for whatever we have. Health, love, food. If you have whatever you need, you are very lucky. Out there is to many people in Β  need of food, clean water, clothes, care, love. And list goes on. So it would be great to help others. As much as we can. No pressure, though if you can’t.

8. Be more organized.

You don’t need a list for everything, but you need to know what are your main goals and what’s the action to be taken. Keep that in your mind if you like to accomplish your main New Years resolutions.

You can add more, if you feel like it. Go on list some more!

Happy New Year to all!


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