Why Young People Abuse With Drugs And Alcohol

I have seen people change deeply as they started abusing with drugs and alcohol. By deeply I mean they can turn from nice human beings in some forms of different beings. It’s crazy how the drug abuse just transforms people. I believe drugs are poisons. It all depends in the amount used. If used in small amounts it can speed how your mind and body works. If used bigger amounts  slows you down. Larger amounts of any drug can kill. But why many young people get into the uncontrolled world of drugs and alcohol.

According to experts there are many different reasons, and it vary to different individuals, but some common reasons are:

1. Drugs take you to a diffrent world.

Drugs and alcohol affect the body and the mind fairly quick. The user begin to feel good and very energetic. It’s understandable people who use them must enjoy them. One may think is nothing wrong with that. Maybe. The problem start when they abuse them. Increase the dose to increase the effects. And that’s how it begins. They enjoy it. They feel they live in a diffrent world from the rest of us. When the effect wears off then they want more and more. They want to live on their own world of drugs….or maybe they jus’t cant come out of it anymore…

2. Pressure.

Some youngsters start using drugs because of pressure of others. When the partying in groups they pressure one another. “Come on of course is safe. Try it”.The pressure of being around people who are abusing with drugs can make others do things they never thought they going to do.

3. Escape of emotional hurt.

People who suffer from depression, bipolar disorder or emotional hurt might use drugs to escape that reality and ease the pain. They see it as solution and once they in they in. They just want to escape the mental illness. You might be able to get that how tough the mental disorders can be, pushing you from one dark extreme to another.

4. Curiosity and experiment.

Not everone who use drugs become an addict. Many people, most youngsters try drugs just for curiosity. They want to experiment and feel the effects.

5. Boredom and emptiness.

Unemployement can become a factor that young people get bored and turn them to drug abuse. Being empty by not much to do, they see drugs as new and exciting alternative.

6. Trying to fit in somewhere.

Numerous young people find it hard to figure who they are and where they fit in. This i a slow process and confidence for different reasons is low. They think drugs will help build their confidence and make them fit somewhere.

7. Getting addicted to painkillers.

Anyone who been taking perscribed drugs can get addicted to them drugs if they been taking it for a long period of time. Then it become a self medicating process. Because it’s been perscribed by a doctor and it make them feel better they think should be ok to take it, not realizing that they become dependent on them drugs.

8. Having painful memories.

People who are hunted from painful memories can turn to drugs as an escape from them. Going through some traumatic events especially at young age can leave a huge mark on their lives, and they just cant cope with it, thefore turn to drugs for help.

Whatever might the reasons be drug abuse can destroy lives. If you are one of them who just got in to drugs, please speak to someone, close to you and ask for help. It’s never to late.

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  1. many people now have drugs since the deep web has become popular and that’s where you get the drugs, still don’t know how they got the bitcoins

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