8 Tips To Build A Great Relationship With Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of a business. Therefore building great relationships with them is crucial for you and your company. Most of business people follow different strategies to create a close and personal relationship with clients.

1. Remember customers are people not numbers.

The time when a customer was just a number to a business is over. Once you get your first customers show them respect. Talk to them. Ask for their name. Have a conversation with them. Treat them as you like to be treated, each one of them. They very likely  will come back frequently and do more business with you. The chances that, they will recommend your company to others are greatly increased.

2. Get to know your customers in person.

You’ll get chance to meet the customers in person. Remembering their name, their family members and other personal details goes a long way. Ask the customers for their concerns and interests in relation with your business. See what they say about product/service. Try to integrate the customer in to your company. Use special events to meet with customers. Always keep notes when asking for feedback.

3. Train your staff to deliver the top service.

This is a vital point for your business. Maybe you wont see and meet with customers as much as your staff will. Make sure you employ the best people for the job. Training them along the way is important to your company. They  should speak and treat each customer as you personaly would done yourself. Your message should get through to customers clear and respectfully.

4. Research your customer base.

Create the data base of your customer which will hold their phone numbers,  and e-mail addresses.

Use the feedback, surveys, polls to  find out and meet the customer needs.

Customer satisfaction also plays a key role on developing a good relationship with customers. So be flexible when it comes to terms and conditions policy.

5. Use all forms of communication with customers.

Technology has made the communication so much easy. Use all forms of communication. Make ful use of social media. Send news letters monthly. Let customers know about promotion, sales, events, updates,  and let the customer be a integrated part of your business. Finding the ways to involve them actively in to your companies growth and development is part of generating a close personal relationship with your clients.

Encourage their honest feedback. Use events to keep meeting customers face to face. Listen carefully to sugesstions, and any critiques. Be open to them. Feedback suggestions and critiques will help you grow and develop your business. It also strengthen your relationship with your customers.

6. Be transparent and always honest with your customers.

Honesty is the key to win the trust of customers and vital to create that strong relationship with them. Keep the committments to clients. If for some reason you cannot make a delivery, inform the customer straight way and apologize to them for delay. If you encounter a problem be open and honest about it.

7. Reward your customers.

Have in place some rewarding programs to loayl and frequent customers. It’s not just the way to say thank you for their business, but it also a bridge to a lasting and strong relationship with them. Feeling appreciated and special they always go that extra mile just to do business with you. Rewards can include points on their cards, loaylity cards, sales, gift cards. There is always a nice way of saying thank you, you’re appreciated.

8. Keep it real, personal and alive.

The relationship with your customers is a great deal important to you and your business. Let them know you would love to meet with them time by time. Discuss about their interests, needs and concerns. Keep it personal. Keep it alive.

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5 responses to “8 Tips To Build A Great Relationship With Customers

  1. My two favorites are 5 “Use All Forms of Communication” and 7 “Reward Your Customers”. Communication is key to many. There are so many forms of communication out there at our finger tips so why not use them all or as many as we can. I love the idea of newsletters. This is one I never think to do but a nice way to recap many things. Special thank you notes or rewards. I need to work on this one for sure. Thanks for your great insight and tips.

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  2. Dear Seb. I have been part of the banking industry and endorse whatever you write every now and then customers service meetings or dinners are roiled out for the customers but hardly ever any meeting took place where only interest of the customer was considered. Your points are worth reading and following

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  3. Reblogged this on HOW TRUE!! and commented:
    That’s a perfect post targeting the customers in right earnest and if the customers interest is taken care of the business is not only going to grow but boom

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