7 Ways To Make The World A Better Place

I was reading an article today about the law of attration. How we use it every day without even been aware of it.

I thought to myself: you know what I wish right now, I wish I could talk to millions of people from diffrent walks of life and ask them if they were ok? I would ask them what they think about our fast paced world? I would ask them how the technology is helping them? I would love to hear millions of answers. I think we just getting so divided, even you would think technology would bring us together. People risking their lives in an open sea to save their lives from wars. Hungry kids crying in the europian rain. And governments building high fences to keep them away. What a welcome reception!!! You wouldn’t think that is happening in twenty first century would you. In fact that is happening right now and so much more. When some of us are complaining for not having enough money to buy private jets millions are going hungry. But hey I am sorry. I really don’t mean to make you feel down. Unfortunatelly this is the world we all are living in so divided from one another.

But what can we do to make a difference. A little difference in peoples lives, would be great, it would make them happy. It would make us happy. You don’t have to be rich to help others. You know sometimes you can lift someones spirit by saying: your so kind and beautiful. You can make their day with few words.

1. Be kind.

Use your manners all the time. When somebody is being arrogant and ignorant remember to make a difference you have to be kind. There are all the kind words. Shall we use it more often, to change a little of this world.

2. Be patient.

Soon as we get in a queue you notice the angry faces. Why you angry? Be patient. And keep that smile going. Your turn will come. Soon.

3. Listen to someone.

It might be a stranger. They might be so depressed. Please don’t be surprised. Just tell them your are listening. They will start talking. They will tell you how they feeling. You just listen. Listen a bit longer. And might tell them things will change. Because they will. You shed a bit of light in a darkest moments of someone’s life. It feels good doesn’t it.

4. Help an elderly person.

This is just common sense. If you really wanting to help, there’re so many ways to do it. You see your neighbour struggling. Say hello. Say I would like to help. Help them. You wont miss the appreciation in their faces. Once again you did made a little difference.

5. Redirect your gifts.

If you and me and many others would not accept any gifts this Christmas but instead would redirect them to charities, to people who not asking for a expensive aftershave but just some nice food. We would made a difference, but the truth is we didn’t. We failed. Let’s do it next time. Surely and firmly.

6. Help someone unexpectedly

Not every time people who need help ask for help. They got used to this self-centred world. But if you willing to help, go ahead and help them. You know who needs help a stranger or someone you might be related. Help another human, it doesn’t matter who they are…

7. Giving is not just about money.

There is many people in need out there. Not necessarily money. If you don’t have it, don’t worry. Be happy. You also can help others. You can do someones shopping, or help with their chores or just give them a hand on garden. Or maybe just talk to them. Be caring. Be nice.

So when you think how can I make a differece in this world just smile and look around you. Be happy and if you can help someone, anyone, do it and remember you did make somebody smile today. And I like to say thank you for that.

Credit Pixabay Images

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