6 Reasons To Bring Laughter Back In Your Life

Laughter is said to be best medicine. Yet we laugh less and less. With everything happening is just hard to find something to laugh, to laugh  loud and long. Researches show kids laugh up to 300 times a day, whilst adults 15 times. So you can see the difference for yourself.

Laughing make you feel happier. A laughter shared is so contagious and brings people closer together. Laughter and humour help us live healthier, longer, younger. It reduces stress, anxeity, fear, boost your immune system, give us more energy, reduce pain, and change our mood making us happier. And you know what: this best medicine is free and we really need to laugh more and remember to live in the present.

1. Laughter is a great body-mind medicine.

A good deep laugh relax all your body muscles. It relieves physical tension, eases stress and depression. Laughter also releases endorphins, making you feel good and relaxed. It’s proven scientifically that laughter help with blood flow and protect our heart.

2. Laughter keeps us emotionally healthy.

If you laugh more you tend to be positive and optimistic, have a good aproach to life. It simply make you feel good. All day along, that good feeling stays with you making you happier and healthier. Laugh make stress go away in difficult situations. Even when you feeling down a smile goes a long way to make you feel better. It makes a difference in your day. In darkest moments a laugh brings hope and sheds a light on peoples lives.

3. Laughter strengthen our relationships.

Just the sound of a loud laugh feels good and is so contagious. It brings people together, making strong and lasting relationships with deep emotional connection. When someone says: you make me laugh they just look happy and cheerful. A great feeling. A laughter shared creates a positive bond beetween people.

Humour is a powerful tool that heals emotional pain and hurt. It unites people in hard times and adds joy and resilience on their lives.

Laughter makes you be you, express your true feelings, be more spontaneous and happier. It also make you forget about disagreements and disappointments with other people.

4. Laughter improves lives.

Are you laughing more each day? If you’re you feeling happier and that means you improving the quality of your life. Is that simple. Just don’t take life to seriously. Take every day as it comes, try to find the laughter in anything.

5. Laughter makes you live younger, longer.

Laughter and humour boost your immune system, reduces stress level, relax our muscless and make us feel great. Put it in simple words:  laugh more and you have less stress, you will be happier, living longer and healthier.

But it is easy said than done. The point is that, how to laugh more?

  • Don’t watch to much news.
  • Don’t watch to many documentaries, that make you feel sad. The truth is: you can’t change the truth.
  • Watch more funny films.
  • Surround yourself with funny people. With people that you laugh so easy with, at no one’s expenses.
  • Share funny jokes or stories with more people.
  • Watch more funny videos on internet.
  • Play more with your kids. They either make you laugh or mad.

6. Use humour to overcome a challenge.

Having a laugh make life more enjoyable and fun. I know there are many challenges that life throws at you. But it’s easier to overcome them by using humour as a tool. Also laughter make us more creative and productive too. The laughter brings out the best of you so it’s very likely you can perform at your best finding the way to overcome the challenge.

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