7 Ways To Stop Sexual Thoughts

Sexual thoughts are pretty natural in human beings. If you’re young and healthy you might get them thoughts all the time. Saying that you maybe want to ask: why I want to stop them thoughts coming into my mind if that’s a natural thing? Yes it’s prefectly natural to think about sex, but it can be overwhelming at times. Thoughts about a sexual encounter can just pop in your head when your in office with co-workers, or when you travelling by train and opposite you is sitting a sexy woman/man, or when just out and about with daily tasks. I would say them thoughts would mostly occupy our mind if we feel frustrated and bored, or we haven’t engaged in sexual activity for a long while. This depends widly on individuals too.

To much of sexual thoughts can be  overpowering, it can make us feel restless and  interrupt with our daily life.

How can we stop them thoughts:

1. Identify and accept a simple fact.

The fact is as normal healthy human being you will get sexual thoughts. First accept that. You not ill,  otherwise you might wont get sexual thoughts at all. It’s just normal and natural.

2. Don’t feel guilty about it.

Sex is a natural and biological process. It engages our mind and body and gives us an enormous amount of pleasure. If you having the sex thoughts you not committing a sin. As long as them thoughts not become obsessive. If they do and you find it hard to focus on your daily routine then follow these tips to get rid of them:

3. Get out and meet your friends.

If you are not at work, just sitting at home by yourself you might consider getting out and meeting with some friends. Just engaging your mind in talking about a different topic with your friends will make you forget about the sex thoughts. Make this a regular experience.

4. Find the triggers.

Is there specific triggers that bring them thoughts? Is it a visual or verbal trigger? Try and see if you can isolate the patterns to your triggers.

Think what triggers your sex thoughts:

  • Is it the pornography?
  • Is it one person, or few?
  • Is it when you get in bed or when your out?

5. Don’t watch porn.

Refrain yourself from porn if that is what triggers all the sexual thoughts. Throw away if you have any porn magazines and keep away from feeding your mind with sexual images. If there is some people who turn you on maybe you want to avoid them. This is not a easy answer as it might be a co-worker, but the only way to get rid of them thoughts is being away from them people. Unfortunately this not always helps as sometimes you just can’t stop thinking about them. If that is the case you should engage yourself with other outdoor activities.

6. Identify your needs.

If you think you getting them thoughts because  you have not had sex in a while talk to your partner if you have one. Sometimes it can be our sex drive that triggers all these sexual thoughts. Keeping them thoughts all to yourself can be tiring. If you’re in a healthy relationship, and still find one another hot, you can rearrange your sex life by taking some action. Otherwise think deep.

7. Sex is great, but life is not just sex.

Try to manage the sexual thoughts by making some plans in your daily life. If not busy voluntary some of your time. It feels good, also you get to know people and make new friends. Consider travelling, exercise, yoga. Spend more time with your family. Help other people. Be captured of doing something good. Engage your mind by reading great books. Make your life busy. There are a million things you can do.

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  1. This is really nice. In this world being bombarded with theme, languages, posts, books, movies that all involves in engaging in sex, a post like this shines like a real beacon. 🙂

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