How To Be Your True Self

It was a comment other night in one of my fellow bloggers that triggered this post…Answering to someones comment she wrote: That’s who I am unfortunately. Not a role model, but just me…

You must heard about the famous saying: just be yourself. It seems the most sweet and great advice. Many people are not sure what that means though. Does it mean: you are great just keep being yourself. It’s not that easy to establish. I would say, don’t matter what I think about you or what the world thinks about you. You are you, yourself so just be yourself. It’s a bit confusing also to people who never seem to know who they are, how can they just be themselves…..

Everyone is different. What makes you happy, don’t do it for me, but that what makes us two different people with different values, different beliefs, different personalities. That what makes you, you. And if you dont know your patterns then discover them, it’s never to late.

1. Find your values.

In life we learn, we laugh (a lot), we grow, we make mistakes, we make choices, we grow more, we cry, we feel happy… We have our pattern…what is it that you’re comfortable with? There you feel that you find your true self. Your values is the essence of you being yourself. Be you.

2. Let go of the past.

We make mistakes and that’s how we grow. We change. We try again. We fail again. But this is the real life. Failure is your brand, oh and mine too. We just hang on there on our struggle. We have hopes and dreams. We are just trying our best. The past is the past. Yes, let it go. If it was brilliant still the past, history, if it was full of failures, still history. Look ahead of you and live for the day. Be you.

3. You don’t want to be someone else.

I had childhood best friend. For many years we did so many things together. We laughed so much, we had so much fun. After college we went in different pathways. I went to university, he went to create a business. Whilst I caught the bus back home he drived a fast and luxurious mercedes. He become rich, I finished university and become unemployed. But still I never wish I was him. I never did. You might have a favorite celebrity. You love them, but never compare yourself with them or anyone else. You were born to be you and no one else. Be you.

4. Follow your standards.

Some people find happiness on money, some on travel, some others on woman/men, some on love. What about you? What makes you happy and comfortable in life? Be truthful to yourself and follow your standards. Be you.

5. Accept it, your different.

We all so different from one another. Just told you about my best friend. We were so alike yet so different from one other.Accept it. And that means accept yourself. Treat yourself, kindly. Follow your design. We were born different. Don’t lie to make others happy, the truth is about being open and honest. Being your true self is what your heart and soul long for. So, be you.

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