5 Ways To Control Your Emotions

Are you in control of your emotions, or your emotions controlling you.What is a emotion? Emotion is a strong feeling derived from someones circumctances, moods and relationships with others. Emotions rule our daily lives. Happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise, and sadness are six basic emotions and according to researchers we use 42 muscles in our face to express them.  Studies have shown an emotion is a physical stimulation combine with our thoughts.

You set off going to work giving yourself only ten minutes. Then you get caught in rush hour traffic. You start getting angry. The emotion of anger seem to take control over your mind..

How do we controll our emotions:

1. Take deep breaths.

Emotions of anger and fear comes after a stimuli in our brain and the raise of heartbeat and rush of high blood pressure. Best thing to do is to stop in a quiet place and take some deep breaths. Possibly keep doing it for 5 min. Deep breathing will calm you down and drow your attention from stimuli in your brain. Controlling your breathing is first step of getting control of your emotions.

2. Relax.

We express our emotions through expressions in our face. Try to relax, and keeping your head up. If you’re in office and someone is talking to you aim to make eye contact.Smile. Studies show smiling change our mood and make us happier.

3. Practise self assurance.

Practising self assurance raise your level of confidence and self esteem. Being kind to yourself also help towards keeping control over emotions. If you react in a harsh way within yourself because you set off five minutes late to go for work that will make it harder for you to keep control over your emotions.

4. Exercise daily.

Find a form of exercise you enjoy most doing, and make it a daily task. It don’t have to be hard work. Exercise can be just walking back home from work for example. There are many things you can do to exercise. It helps controlling your emotions. People who exercise more are energetic, calm and have a positive attitude towards life.

5. Practise Mindfulness meditation.

Meditation is proven as great source of providing your mind-body balance. It helps reducing the stress level, and improving immune system. Practising a mindfulness meditation which is specific type of meditation help you restore your concentration and accepting your emotions and yourself.

Experts of this meditation offer a guide step by step:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place. Loose tight clothing, get in a comfortable position.
  • Concentrate on what you see, colours, shapes, sizes, for little time.
  • Then shut your eyes and concentrate on what you hear. Are there any sounds. Low or high, where they coming from. Are they short or long.
  • After sometime then shift your focus on what you feel. Your clothing, air around you. Cold air, or warm air.
  • Then is time to focus on deep breaths. In and out for few minutes. Your body-mind will relax and thoughts start arise.
  • Concentrate on the moment let thoughts arise and slowly disappear whilst you carry on deep breathing. Your aim is live for the moment, don’t judge the past and don’t worry about the future. After several minutes reverse your focus to what you see, hear, feel and so on…

6. Take a break.

There is tough times in life when nothing seems to help. Emotions are all over. Most is maybe because you cant concentrate and do anything properly. In that case you might consider taking a break.   Taking a break will give you that time and space to do whatever you want. If you feel going away why not. Switch off all that stress and all the emotions and just enjoy it. In time you be feeling full of energy and in control over your emotions.

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