9 Signs To Tell When Someone Is Lying

How can you spot if someone is lying to you, or is telling the truth. It’s usually simple to tell if someone is telling porkie pies and on other hand pathological liars become experts on that field so you might need a bit of expertise to find out if it’s a lie or not.

What are the obvious signs that someone is telling a lie:

1. Avoiding eye contact.

Most people who are telling a lie would avoid making eye contact. This is because if they do their face expressions will betry them. They just concentrate on their story and they know that more or less as a poem.

Even so, some liars do make eye contact just to convince you they’re telling the truth. In this case they might make a longer eye contact than usual.

2. Limited physical expression.

Their face don’t say much. They take less space. Their movements be more towards their body. They keep fiddling with their hands, touching or scratching their nose or back ear.

3. Red faced.

Someone who is not very comfortable with lying get red cheeks and from body language you can tell they are lying. They try hard to convince you, keep repeating some phrases. Like “to be quite honest”, “to be truthfully” etc.

4. Body and face sweat.

A liar sweats quite a lot. You can see on their forhead. They are sweating. Are they lying? Experts say they might be lying but this is not always a sign. Some people sweat because they get nervous.

5. To many details.

The truth is simple and factual. If someone is going around in circles there is a reason why. They are polishing their story just to make it believable. If you ask a straight question for example: did you get the last beer from fridge? Β A truthful answer would be: no I didn’t. A dishonest answer might be: no I did not. Also a liar would usually turn your question into an answer like: Did you get a ten pound note from my pants pocket? Their answer: no, I did not get a ten pound note from your pocket.

6. The micro expressions.

Someone who is lying generally talking, tends to speak fast. Look at their face. There you can read the micro expressions, it might be a happy lie but on their face you will spot an emotion of distress. Micro expressions are the true emotion underneath the lie.

7. Eye and eyelids movements.

When people are making something up their eyes move up to the left if they left handed or up to the right if they right handed. They also blink more often and their eyelids close longer than usuall. Another sign to tell someone is lying looking at their eyes is they seem to pinpoint somewhere and not change. Yet experts say you can’t assess the truthfulness of a person just by eye movements alone.

8. Pause the conversation.

The tone of someone who is being dishonest changes. They sometimes speak fast. But not all. Some of them prefer to talk slowly. One thing all the liars don’t like is silence. So if you stop in a middle of conversation they are not comfortable with it at all. They want to fill that silence. You know why? Because they want to cover the real emotions. Also if you want to tell if someone is lying you can change the subject of conversation. That make a liar very happy whilst a truthful person will be confused if you suddenly change the subject of a conversation.

9. Β Being defensive.

Someone who speaks the truth don’t need to defend themself. But a liar will mostly be very defensive. An innocent person might get offensive. Another way to detect a lie is by asking surprise questions. In this case the liar will repeat your question because you caught them off guard. They need time to make something up and that’s why they will repeat your question maybe few times.

But even with all them techniques and signs you can’t be 100% sure. So be careful to protect yourself from fraud, scams, and other forms of deception.

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