What Happened To Honesty

This World, our World is moving fast. We are in but we have no idea where we heading to. There is a problem with the driver. No, they not drunk. The driver is called DISHONESTY. So we don’t know where the world is taking us.

Ignorance and arrogance are so often rewarded. Intelligence and wisdom are so often avoided.

Technology gave us everything we wanted. And stole from us everything we needed.

Honesty and truth are not important anymore. People disown people for a bit of fame.

Politicians and governments tell their people what they want to hear not the truth. Is lies, lies, and more lies. We seem to fall in love with their lies. Is a bit like coke zero. Ecstasy.

All around the globe are wars, and fights. People get killed everyday. People, human beings. Thank God, they not politicians. They just people.

Race and religion are still everyday challenges. You believe your God exists but mine never did. If I disagree with you threaten to kill me…

The free speech is still on but you might just lose your job if you say something that people with power don’t agree. If you happen to die after that don’t blame anyone it definitely be from natural causes.

So many gambling shops, so many lending shops. People getting in debts. People getting depressed. But medication of depression is a bestseller. Everyone is getting medicated.

Fruits and chickens are genetically modified. Drugs and prositution are still ilegal but they never been more popular.

Everyone knows everything. Everyone is smart. Everyone is rushing. No one wants to stop and talk. Everyone is successful…

Christmas is approaching, everyone gets excited. Best season. But I have a feeling that we have to be sensitive just in case our neighbours get offended. You know what I mean.. We live a in a multicultural community…

Love got lost somewhere. The real love. That powerful one who heals people. Now you get the fake internet hearts and fake smily faces..

I just heard some guy asking: What happen to HONESTY? No seriously?

Still pretty much alive but it’s taken the very back seat.

What honesty will give you?

1.People will stop talking to you.

Starting from your family. They will keep away from you. You might be asked what’s wrong with you? Then might your friends stop talking to you.

2. People think your in a deep depression, and might be suicidal.

Is a bit like: keep a eye on him, he might want to kill himself.

3. You might get called different names. Like “crazy”, “idiot” or “conspiracy theorist” etc.

4. People will think you are funny.

I mean they will come back to you. They will find you entertaining. But if you think the truth should come out, say it loud. Even if you think you are alone. Say it. Shout it out. Honest truth deserve more. Everone deserve the truth.

5. People will trust you and give you all the respect.

I know that feeling. Feeling small, feeling down. Yet feeling strong and embracing the honest truth is crucial. People will respect you. People will ask you for advice. Even they know you don’t know everything, still they know they will get an honest answer, they know that answer is coming from your heart.

Being honest and speaking the truth is pushing the boundaries and living the freedom. The freedom of blue skies.

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8 responses to “What Happened To Honesty

  1. Very powerful and empowering. I like this “Love got lost somewhere”, because people don’t want to deal with the truth.


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