How To Overcome Fear

When we sense danger we experience fear. Fear is most basic  human emotion. Feeling afraid is very natural, it make us alert and cautious to a dangerous situation, and prepare us to deal with it. Some of us are scared of spiders, some fear for their lives, Some others fear from failure…Whatever are our fears we should confront and learn to overcome them.

Fears can be mild, medium and intense, varying from  situations and people.

How to confront and overcome our fears.

1. Understanding the state of our fears.

It’s quite normal to experience fear. Sometime we’re caught on a rush traffic hour. You start getting panic attacks. It’s the fear we going to be late and what’s going to happen. But soon as we reach the destination, we calm ourselves down. We take control of the emotions. So fear was short lived. What to do when fears become overwhelming? In this situation fears are intense, they interrupt with our body function and we have a problem. Fears then affect our well-being. They cause you to avoid:

  •  Trying not to bump in certain people.
  • Not going at certain places.
  • Certain situations.

When fear starts growing, the symptoms are:

  • Distress, panic attacks.
  • Raising heart beats.
  • Body sweat.
  • Feeling dizzy.
  • Anxiety
  • Wanting to escape.

It’s critical that we understand the state of our fear.

2. Understanding the origin of our fears.

The fears can come from a past event. Like if you had a car crash accident, then you might develop great fear of driving. Or it can originate from a young age. Fear from snakes or spiders etc.

3. Recognizing that fears are normal.

Experiencing fear is a normal feeling and sometimes it make us protective. Fear is an alert to a threatening situation. So that is good we prepare to deal with situation. We either get ready for fight or for flight. Deal with it or run as fast as you can. It’s important we understand that fears are normal.

4. Start getting your fears under control.

This is the step that you confront your fears. Let just say you are terrified of dogs. And this fear comes from when you were really young. You as child might experience a situation when a dog bite someone. Since then your so scared of dogs.

Maybe you can begin by learning more about dogs. You’ll find out not all dogs are dangerous. If you research you learn some dogs can be people’s  best friend. You learn animals love humans. Get some pictures of dogs.  Next walk close to a dog. Another day make eye contact with a dog. Start approaching different dogs, first with someone else that you trust. See this one is a nice dog. He/she wont bite you. Do a little each time. Take it slowly. And each time go a little further. You getting your fears under control.

5. Overcome your fears.

Name your fear. Understand where it’s coming from. Confront your fear. Sometimes we experience fear from some people we never met. In this case we should consider fear as an opportunity to know them. So once we meet, talk to them and the fear is over. They are people just like us. Running from our fears don’t makes things easy. Facing them, dealing with them, addressing them make you overcome your fears. Also another way to overcome fears is using relaxation techniques, like deep breathing  exercises or relaxing your muscles. Use your imagination to calm yourself from fear. Laugh in the face of fear. Overcoming your fears, means  more control over your life.

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  1. It’s true! Once you start to attack your fears head on then you can gain much more control over your life – you can walk boldly into difficult situations and enjoy life more freely! Thanks for sharing.

    Also Seb, I’ve started a blog challenge for my Fabulous Foodie blog and wanted to invite you to take part. Here is the link: . Please feel free to participate if and when you want this month 🙂

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