7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence


The way we look, the way we react with others, the way we do things, the way we talk, the way we listen,  the way we behave, all come to how confident we feel. It happens to look at someone sometimes and you can’t help but think: I wish I looked like him/her, I wish I had that confidence, I wish I was as awesome as they are. Guess what! That is wrong start. You don’t need to be like anyone, you don’t need to copy anyone. Anyone at all. What you need is build your confidence step by step then you be as great as anyone. Follow them tips:

1. Be yourself, no one else.

I know how you feel. In a good day at your best you may be smiling. In a bad day when you make a mistake you feel miserable, don’t like the way you look. Oh no! On them days you keep telling yourself that you wish you were like….

Stop comparing yourself with other people.

  • You didn’t walk in same path as them.
  • You didn’t had same opportunities as them.
  • You are you and no one else.

Live healthy, have a great hygiene, dress smart always, smell nice.

Accept yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself. Keep your head high.

2. List your strong points.

Yes you have some strong points. List them out. See you are good at quite few things. Try to add something new. Maybe you can speak two foreign languages. That feels great. Your confidence is growing. That is good. Maybe in some other things your not so good. Don’t be harsh with yourself. No one is perfect.

3. Keep socializing.

It helps boost your confidence. Talking to people, listening to people. Having fun. Laughing more. Keep doing it. Make lots of friends. Positive people feed you with positive energy. They spread sunshine in your life. They make you feel good and worthy.

4.Improve yourself.

We always can improve. It would be nice to learn a new skill. Learning never been more easy. So study and learn. Prove yourself you can. By learning some new skills you can improve your confidence. Now maybe you can find a new job. Or do something all different. In the end taking on a new challenge help boosting your confidence.

5. Don’t mix with negative people.

You will meet them. They seem to drag you down. Try to avoid them. Don’t mingle  with negative people. All what they have is so much negative energy. Find your friends and people who appreciate your company.

6. Be positive and show self assurance.

Being positive is the way forward to boost your confidence. Even when things don’t go as planned keep being positive. For example if you didn’t get that job you was hoping for, keep smiling maybe something better is waiting just around the corner for you. Show some self assurance. I don’t mean be a big head. Taking control of a situation help you gain confidence. Go ahead. Just be you.

7. Pursue your passion.

I notice if you pursue your passion your confidence grow high. It’s because you know  in that field you’re so good. Some people love music, they are so good at singing, you can see how confident they feel. Some people love teaching, when they teaching they’re so in control, so confident.

What is your passion? Pursue it. It will make you feel great, confident and happy.

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