How To Deal With Temptation

Temptation is a deep desire to engage in a short term enjoyment  that threatens your long life goals. In other words you can describe temptation as a desire to do something that in the end is not right or good for you and will leave you with guilt, and anxiety. Temptation is all about having control over your mind, resisting the pleasures that will leave us broken.

But how do we resist temptation?

Giving in to a temptation is weakening your strengths. Self control is all what we need when we face a temptation.

Here is some tips how to deal and avoid temtation.

1. Acknowledge there is a temptation.

Let just take an simple example. In the coffee shop where you go there is quite few cakes that you really like, as carot cake, cheese cake etc. If you would give in to temtation and say come on let’s just have some might wont be such a big deal but is still wrong because you told yourself that you going to cut down on sugar, and eat healthy. Also another thing is temptation can turn into a obsession.

Another example. You might work as a manager in a big firm. You think finishing an hour early on friday wouldn’t be such a great deal. In fact it is. First it’s not who you are. Second you breake the trust. Third that damages your personality and career.

Or if you in a relationship become aware of people you work with that can tempt you to cheat on your partner.

Recognizing that there is a temtation is the first step to deal with it.

2. Move away from temptation.

If you are trying to stop drinking then don’t go to clubs or pubs. Instead you might choose to go to cafe. Or if you want to stop smoking don’t visit places where you usually went for smoke. Move yourself away from places that tempt you. Sometimes you can’t maybe remove yourself all from temptation. Like if your tempted to cheat with a co worker avoid being with him/her one to one. So if you can’t move away from temptation then try to manage situations.

3. Honesty is best policy.

When dealing with a temptation remember being honest will help you to avoid it. If someone ask you out refuse and tell them that you are in a relationship. It’s likely then they will stop flirting with you. Also will make you realize that you don’t want to lose the person you love.

4. Think of long term consequences.

Think what will happen in long term if you give in to a temptation. It’s easy to think I’ll get a immediate pleasure of it but what happen next. Take a moment and think. I know  a piece of cake wont kill you but still will hold you back from your accomplishment of a healthy life.

Also don’t just think if you give in to a temtation is only going to be a minor thing, or a separate incident. What if you give in again and again?  Refusing a temtation in time might be hard but is dealing with your strengths and self controll there and then.

5. Divert your attention.

Sometimes if your concentrated on what is tempting you is hard to resist. Distract yourself. For example if you tempted to light a cigarete tell yourself you going for that morning run instead. Engage yourself with something new, shift your focus from what is tempting.

6. Express gratitude.

Think of what you have. Think about people in your life, and everything else and be so grateful. Practising gratitude will stregthen your self control.

7. Temptation might be a test.

Sometimes in life temtation can be a test. Assume like it and think you really don’t want to fail it, do you?  No? Then don’t fail. Pass. Show self control,  show you are worth much more than that temptation.

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13 responses to “How To Deal With Temptation

  1. Makes a lot of sense. I like what you say that temptations might be a test. Sometimes I want that cake so badly that I almost cry. Then I drag myself away from the shop, get distracted and completely forget about it in minutes. I guess many temptations are short-lasting if not attended.

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