7 Truths About Life

I’ll start with a saying: life is not fair. It’s a truth that we can’t change. The truth, is harsh, cold, and sometimes uglly, but is still the truth. Unpleasant at times we seem not wanting to talk about it, or just trying to avoid it. But someone will come out and say it. Then it might hurts. So dealing with truth now is better than leaving it for some other time.

1. Appearance counts.

I heard it so many times. Looks doesn’t matter. No one cares the way you look. The looks doesn’t affect your life. Crap, all crap. Looks matter. You’ll see it with your own eyes. It happen in a job interview, in office or even in a party. A better looking person is always being picked up first. A better looking person is most successful. And it hurts. But we can’t change the way we look. Just keep your head high. We are who we are. Be proud  of who you are.

2. We don’t have controll over everything.

Everyone is different, yet we are all human and we so alike with one another. You know a lot of people don’t like me. A lot don’t like you. We don’t have controll over  everything. We can’t change people. Many times we can’t change situations. Can you change the way the wind blows?  Let go of things you can’t change.

3. You going to fail.

It still a truth we ignore. When we start a business. Many people do, not even thinking about failure. When it happen we feel broken. In a relatioship, failure happen. We need to face it maybe before it happen. Everyone fails, everyone succeeds. Just learn to live with failure and move on to next step.  Success don’t happen over night. It takes time. Trying again is the only option to success.

4. Miracles don’t happen.

Daydreaming don’t change much in your life. If you expecting a miracle to happen in your life, maybe you need to wake up. Such a miracle may never happened. Never ever and is harsh but only the truth.

5. Self centric is the way of life.

We all try and give something back time by time and as much as we can, but let just  be honest. You don’t get up early in the morning everyday to go and work hard for your next door neighbour. You do that for youself and your family. This is another truth.

6. Tomorrow may never comes.

It’s a harsh truth make you realize how fragile a human being is. But it also a tool for everyone of us to acknowledge that right time is today, right time is right now. That’s is the attidude if you ever want to accomplish something. Waiting? What for?

7. You get same time as everyone else.

You hear it a lot. I am busy, I don’t have time for that, if I get chance, I will. Okay, we all get the same time, 24 hours a day. All depends on you how you use it. Have a plan or don’t have a plan is your choice, but we still get same time. The only difference is how we use this time, how we spend it, how precious is this time for you.

Acknowledging all them truths will help us improve our lives. The truth can be harsh or even uglly is still the truth.

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4 responses to “7 Truths About Life

  1. I like this post Seb. It is hard to look at the ugly truths positively but as long as you don’t allow yourself to become a cynical pessimist because of it, it’s all fine!

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