7 Ways To Free Your Mind

Some days your mind seem to be captured by negative thoughts and feelings. You can’t help but feel down.

But why is that? Why we feel down so many times?

We do because of so much negative thoughts and negative emotions just invade our minds. You try to escape but there is not a way. Dealing with them is what we call hard time. Letting them in and not letting them go they become rolling and controlling. We seem to be trapped within our minds. Our thoughts become our beliefs. Our beliefs become our universe.

Take controll of your mind, free your mind, free your life. The ability of freeing your mind from overwhelming negativity feels wonderful and liberating.

1. Talk to yourself.

Where is all them negative thoughts coming from. Have you gone through a failure?  Did you make a mistake? Arguments in a relationship? Or you just wake up full of negative emotions? Don’t shut yourself down. Whatever the reason may be talk to yourself. Find the source where the negative thoughts coming from. No it’s not your fault, don’t go harsh on yourself.

2. Relax.

First remember we all get negative thoughts and feelings time by time. Sit comfortably and relax. Shut your eyes and take a deep breath. And another one. And another. And another. Don’t think, just breathe. In and out. In and out. You will see, negative feelings flowing in and flowing out. You start letting them go. Not dealing with them. Just let them in and out.

3. Meditate, regularly.

Meditation is a relaxation of your inner self. During meditation you get the peace you need, you get the right mind Soul balance. It’s amazing of how much negative energy you get rid of in just a session of meditation. Meditate regularly. You will notice the difference soon as you start.

4.  Take a walk in the forest.

The beauty of nature make you feel relaxed. Just walk through the forest. Get some fresh air and admire the beauty of nature. The positive thinking start replacing negative thoughts.

5. Talk to your best friend.

In a good friend we confess because we found ourselves in them. So when you talk to your best friend is a bit like you talking to yourself. Tell them how you feel. By letting it all out you will feel more positive. You shared the negativity and it seem to get out of your mind.

6. Say NO to negative people.

Yes there is people who carry so much negative energy. And they seem to spread it all around themselves. If you listen to them the will convince you that you cant escape negativity. They do it in such a natural way. No, dont try to argue with them. They will drag you down. Refrain yourself from negative people. Don’t get involved with them.

7. Freeing your mind is a process.

It wont take few hours or few days to clear your mind. It’s an ongoing process. Make it easy for yourself, by understanding who you are and accepting yourself. Smile and laugh as much as you can. If you hold a grudge against someone, forgive and move on. Remember our journey has an end. Try your best and be happy with what you have today. Be grateful and give something back. When all the negative thoughts occupy your mind try and see the light of positivity and walk towards it.

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8 responses to “7 Ways To Free Your Mind

  1. The first is imperative! I love them all, but people really do underestimate the power of their words. Words are powerful – humans remember 80% more of what they tell themselves than what they hear from others – so if you are constantly shouting yourself down saying stuff like, ‘Oh, I’m such an idiot for forgetting that’ or ‘Ah, why am I so dumb?’ your subconscious is holding on to all that negativity! Thanks so much for writing and sharing this. I hope people connect to this and can FREE themselves from negativity 🙂

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