How To Improve Yourself In Everyday Life

We all wonder if we’re really making the most of it everyday. I mean what quality of life you’re having? If you happy and you know it that’s great. Keep going. What if you not quite happy with yourself? What can you do then? It happen to all of us at some point in life. First you may feel unhappy with the way you look. You don’t like the person in front of you when you stand in front of a mirror? In fact you blame them for being unhappy. We want to lose weight, but it’s not working, we want to make more money but it’s not happening, we want to procrastinate less, but things are pilling up. We want to have more sex but things not going ย as we plan. So what do you do? There is not a quick fix or a magic finger tip. We need to improve ourselves. You need to be a better you, and improve your life.

Here some very simple tips on how to improve your life.

1- Embrace change.

Yes, to be a better person and improve your life you have to change. Start small. Change don’t happen in one day. Set some goals, on what you need to change. And take little steps towards it. But be consistent each day. You will notice the difference in few weeks. Keep doing it. I can see a better you already.

2 – Volunteer your time and change lives.

Can you spare few hours a week of your time. Help older people who can’t manage their lives without help. You change someones life. It feels great. Or maybe be a samaritan. You don’t have to say anything. You just listen. You touch someone’s life when it really matters. By just giving that time to listen. When you hear that: thank you for listening to me, then you’ll know you made a difference.

3 – Get out in nature.

If you go out to beach, see a big forest or stop in front of waterfall you start feeling better in that very minute. Because nature is where we belong. It is proven that nature is a powerful medication. It improves you, it improves your health. Find time and get out in nature.

4- Always be greatful.

I know sometimes life is wonderful, and sometimes life sucks. But don’t forget it could be worse. Appreciate it, every minute of it. It would be great if you each day tell yourself loud how grateful you are for everything.

5 – Switch off.

Life got so busy. Computers, smart phones, daily just can’t find a free hour, unless you’re sleeping. Well it may help if you can swtich yourself off from everything just 10 to 15 minutes a day. Free yourself, ย and just contemplate. Relax your mind.

6 – Think healthy, live healthy.

The way we think defines our day. Negative thoughts take you to cloudy and unhappy day. On other hand positive thinking take you to a sunny day. Also live a healthy life. Eat healthy. Eat fresh food. Drink water. Exercise. Much as you can. ย Oh and sexercise longer. Yep it’s good for you.

7 – Socialize more.

Dress smart. Love the way you look. Smell nice. Get out more and meet up your friends. Talk and listen more. Also go to events make new friends. Sharing is caring. Life is better when shared. Laugh more. Laugh loud. Live.

Photo Credit Pixabay Images

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