100 Reasons To Be Happy Today

Did I tell you when I was a young boy I used to laugh a lot. Sometimes at other people’s expense. Until one day I thought about it. What if they’re taking a mick out of you? It hurts, doesn’t it. So I stopped that. In fact  as I grow older I was laughing less each day. Life didn’t seem a laugh anymore. One day I was sitting in some steps and looking miles way. A stranger approached me and asked me a question: Has anyone died? He said. No, i answered with a little smile. Then smile, smile a bit more he said is such a nice day. And he left. Since then I try to be happier each day.  There so many reasons to be happy today. Dont refuse, just take a look.

1. You are here, alive, and well.

2. You are healthy.

3. Your family loves you very much.

4. Yesterday is gone, today you’ve  24 hours, to either be happy or waste them by being unhappy.

5. Tomorrow may never comes.

6. No point of worring about it.

7. You are still smiling.

8. You have a roof over your head. It’s a nice house. Think is beautiful instead of thinking is small.

9. Bills got paid.

10. Nothing is impossible until is proven so.

11. Dont think, there is nothing you can do, think how you can do this.

12. Someone somewhere is really missing you.

13. There are many people out there who care about you.

14. You are ready to get out of a unhappy relationship.

15. No fear, no worries. You going to be just fine.

16. Someone else did it too.

17. Sometimes being single is like being on the skies. Wow, you can see the whole world.

18. You remember your first kiss.

19. You have three meals for today.

20. You know your husband/wife, bf/gf want to make you happy. Even when you think they are pain in arse.

21. They think you are best mum/dad in the world.

22. You are just about to fall in love like never before.

23. It seems like a adventure.

24. Your kids are your world.

25. Your parents are really proud of you.

26. That stranger just gave you a big smile.

27. You were born a winner

28. You love music, dance like no-one is watching.

29. If you’re thirsty there is clean drinking water for you.

30. When your wife/husband thinks of you they have a big smile on their face.

31. You helped someone today it seemed  you make them  genuinely happy.

32. Someone left you heartbroken and you kept looking back hopeless.

33. Then you saw somebody coming towards you.

34. It wasnt the one who broke your heart.

35. This one is that special one, the only one, your other half.

36. See things happen for reason.

37. You wearing some pretty good clothes today. Lookin’smart. Oh and smelling mmmm, nice.

38. At this moment somewhere in the planet  a mother is watching her baby with admiration, she is feeling blessed.

39. You just love watching  stars at night in a clear sky.

40. You smiled at stranger, you made their day.

41. You stand firmly for what you believe.

42. You love the rainbow, you feel so hopeful.

43. You believe in yourself.

44. You doing so great in business.

45. Today you gived a free drink to a customer.

46. There are some many possibilities out there, you believe so.

47. People matter to you.

48. You saved someone’s life today. You didn’t even notice.

49. Because you love people.

50. Someone belived on you, when it really mattered.

51. You wake up early this morning.

52. It was a nice feeling waking up next to someone you love.

53. Sunshine on window.

54. You have dreams, so many.

55. Some came true.

56. There is many to come. On the way.

57. Your teenagers, your youngest oh and the little boy.

58. You love them, you adore them.

59. Someone told you that when you smile you look so attractive.

60. It’s ok to love yourself.

61. You love hugs.

62. Your home it’s just so warm and nice when all your family is there.

63. Oh someone make cakes for you today.

64. You can feel something very exciting is going to happen soon in your life.

65. You have some good friends.

66. Your secrets are safe with them.

67. Your surname is “Love”.

68. You make everone around you feel so happy.

69. You know laughter is the best medicine and good thing is you don’t need a perscription.

70. So laugh a bit more.

71. You remember your last trip, it was a great experience.

72. Someone bought you a drink today.

73. You feel lucky.

74. You can run, fast even.

75. You can smell.

76. Oh flowers for you. You love fresh flowers.

77. Them flowers remind you of your favorite perfume.

78. You know you have to work for your money. You also know you can make money  but money can’t make you.

79. Internet has made the world a small place.

80. You know it’s never to late.

81. Follow your dreams today because this is just the right time. No need to wait. No need to ask. First step then second one.

82. You know you have to bounce back if you fail.

83. Even if you fail again.

84. You just hang in there if you feel giving up.

85. The tunnel has an end.

86. Everything is working out now.

87. You feel you’re gorgeous/handsome. You are right.

88. You had a good night sleep.

89. You know life is all about joy and being happy.. Another happy day.

90. You can learn something new today.

91. Change happen only when you take action.

92. You can’t wait to have some great sex tonight.

93. Someone was so kind to you today. See, manners matters. They make a difference.

94. You think we all can contribute to change the world.

95. That is powerful thinking.

96. People trust you because you believe in them.

97. Be happy even on monday, be happy every day.

98. You just heard a loud laugh. It was a baby laugh. It reminds you the simple pleasures are still free. So get out there. Breathe. Run. Sing loud.

99. Today you going to play football with your kids. Even if it’s rainy. That’s even better.

100. There are a million reasons to be happy.

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