10 Tips To Put Some Excitement In Your Life

You get up early in the morning, go to work, come back have your dinner, watch some crap on telly and soon is time to go bed, well  that if you don’t fall asleep on the sofa. You know tomorrow you’re going to do it all over again. Then tomorrow become next week, next month and so soon even next year.

You’re just stuck in that daily routine. It’s boring and not fun. You come to think and remember with nostalgia all the good things that you used to do. I mean life use to be so exciting. No, I am not talking about affairs. You use to go and visit new places. And have good time. Why it all come this?  You would love to make life more exciting but how can you? Here are some simple tips..

1- Take a break.

Remember we ‘re here only once, so make the most of it every day. First take a little break. Even if it’s only for a weekend. Just refresh your life. Shake it. It will do you good. A change from everyday hectic life. If you have a partner sure take her/him too. Will be more fun. Just do something different.

2- Learn a new language.

It’s exciting to learn a new language. Whatever foreign language you like. Give yourself time as learning a new language is not easy. But it all depends on you. How much you want it. If you like it you can do it by baby steps. Then if sometimes you happen to travel in that country is beatiful to speak their language, you will feel on top of the world.

3- Challenge yourself.

It don’t matter what you do in your daily life, just challenge yourself. A new course could change the direction in your life. Or learning to drive. A challenge is good mind  excercise too.

4- Make a change.

Do something different. Like if you’re walking to town just take a different route. If you’re always going to a restaurant go to a different one or just order a different meal.

5- Be more social.

I know at times everything seems to get to much. But there are weekends. Try to be more social. I am not talking about social media. Meet up in person with a friends. Have a drink or even few. Talk to them. Make it a regular thing.

6- Plan a holiday.

Not just plan it, but make it. Everyone needs a holiday time by time. It takes your mind off the things. It also is relaxing ftom all that stress we get every day.

7- Spice up your sex life.

Yeah I know it takes two to tango. I am assuming you have a partner.

  • Treat her/him rigt, then is very likely they will be always in mood for sex.
  • Wear red, or ask them to wear read. That colour seem to wake up your brain. And it make you feel you really want them.
  • Visit new places. Do it everywhere. In car, woods, in back garden.
  • Practise a bit of yoga everyday.
  • Speak up in bedroom if that make you enjoy it more.
  • Make time to do it in the morning. It’s not just healthy but you’ll be in a great mood all day.

8- Plan an adventure trip.

You know what place you always want to visit. It might cost too much, but plan it. Thinking about it will make you feel excited. Save money so one day you can take that trip. And have lot’s of fun.

9- Visit your old friends if they live miles away.

One thing that strikes us is sometime your good friends move away. You don’t see them as you used to. You miss them. Visit them as often as you can. That would put a big smile on your face.

10- Make new friends.

Get out there more often. Plan with friends, and go out. Talk to people and make new friends. It happens naturally you don’t have to try hard.

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9 responses to “10 Tips To Put Some Excitement In Your Life

  1. Good article. We always easily forget about our emotional needs. I’m busy, so no time…this is the usual excuse we tell ourselves. It’s high time to come out of this monotonous life.

    Liked by 1 person

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