5 Ways To Find Happiness

” I just want to be happy”. This is most common answer given when people are asked what they want from life. Many see the happiness as being successful, living a good life. Yet again many others see the happiness as a fuel to achieve success.

But what is really happiness? Can you find it? And if yes can you keep it? Can you measure the happiness?

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Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions from contentment to intense joy.

I was sitting today at Costa’s having my cappuccino and it happen to catch a conversation of some students sitting in the table next to where I was sitting. One the girls who was slightly overweight said to other ones: i been trying so many different diets and exercises but so far nothing has worked. I ll be happy when I am more like you….And you keep thinking why is she not happy now? What is holding her back? Why does she have to wait for the diets to work, to get slim then be happy.

Everyone wants to be happy but happiness means different thing to different people. If you were seeing happiness as something out of you, something it depends from circumstances and other people maybe you should change that vision and look to find happiness inside you.

Researches have shown that you can be happy even if you live in poorest countries. In fact the research reveals that more people in high income live in stress and depression. Further more it suggests as long as people have enough money to pay their bills money don’t count in being happy.

How can you find happiness now instead of when you …..Maybe you need to consider that happiness is more connected to you and your behaviours than to out circumstances. Here are some simple tips that will help you find the happiness in yourself.

1 – See the bright side of situations.

Take a look at the problem. If you say that’s it. Can’t do it anymore. This is not going to work…etc,then you just being so pessimistic. You need to be a optimist instead. How? Well look, there must be a positive thing in there. If you view your problems or obstacles with a positive approach then you will see that is a temporary thing. You only can overcome a challenge if you believe in yourself and have that positive attitude.

2 – Let go of what is stopping you of being happy.

Clear all the rubbish in your head. All the negative thoughts. You know what I am talking about. Them ideas and thoughts that not letting you to be happy. You dont need a better partner to be happy. You dont need a bigger house to be happy. You dont need to give up the present to be happy in the future. Live for the moment. Live for today as tomorrow may never happen.

3 – Make the right choice.

Psychologists say you only can be as happy as you believe you can.So It’s your choice. If you want to be happy you must make the choice to be happy within yourself. And then follow it through action.

4 – Self joy.

It’s you and only you that can define yourself. Not anyone else. You know what you love doing? You dont need to copy other people. Just assess what brings joy in you. Make a list of all them things who bring excitement in your life. Discover your own self, your passions and desires. That will bring up the formula you have to follow to find the true happiness.

5 – Meditation.

I have mentioned it before, meditation help you find the peace in your soul. It reduces the level of stress, depression and anxiety. Meditation help tackle every day emotions. The less depressed you were the easy will be to achieve joy in your life.

People travel to search for happiness, blow away money to find it, get married for sake of it, change jobs, as they rely on more money to be happy… In fact they looking in the wrong place. Happiness is all around you, is within you. Identify it, and enjoy it.

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