5 Steps To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

What is negative energy? Why some people have so much negative energy? Are they bad people? How can you get rid of negative energy and replace it with positive energy?


I was watching a program on telly other night when all them questions started popping in my mind. Watch this new clip – the presenter says –  This lady’s son had an operation and after that he just can’t stop laughing. The mother looks really grumpy and his son a man in his 40 he just couldn’t stop laughing. It was a really funny clip. In the end the guy says, you can take her with you, pointing at his mother,  and he kept laughing loud.

I thought what happen in this guy’s brain? Why he can’t stop laughing?  And why his mother is so grumpy?  Then you think is so much positive energy in this person and so much negative energy in other one.

So which group you belong? If you have always negative thoughts, always feel pessimistic, complaining everyday you belong to people with negative energy. It doesn’t mean you are bad. You only have so much negative energy. So can that change?  Yes you can get rid of negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Here is the ways to do it step by step.

1 – Appreciate your good health.

Right, don’t focus on what you don’t have, take a good look and assess what you have. You haven’t got a car but your healthy and surely can walk for hours if you want to. You haven’t got a job, but you still have food on table, you have a roof over your head. Over all you have your kids, you have a great family. Can you see now that you really have somethings to truly appreciate. That where the way of thinking starts to change. This is the first step you notice your negative thoughts and start getting rid of them. Be grateful for what you have and think again about your dreams, about what you want in life and how to get there. Start being positive.

2 – Help others.

If you have plenty time and nothing to do why don’t you take some steps towards employment. It might wont be easy but trying is a must if you want to change situations. Start by doing voluntary work. It still will give you some satisfaction. Helping others is a great thing. Seeing people happy will make you happy. And you learn new experiences. You will see a difference in yourself, in the way you think. In the way you see the world. The positive thinking will help you to see more sunshine in your life.

3 – Laugh more.

Enjoy everyday. Laugh everyday. Laugh more at yourself. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Laughter lifts your mood. Don’t take life to seriously. Laugh and think positive. At the end of the day, you only can try your best. You get better results in life by being positive. Remember a positive attitude is a step up when it comes to work towards your goals.

4 – Progress towards change.

Is your thinking changing? Having so much of negative energy can be overwhelming. If you going through them days take a break. Negativity not only is a source of stress but it can really affect your health. Meditation is a way out of negative energy.

5 – Spend time with positive people.

We all have negative thoughts sometimes. But it’s important to know what or who gives you negative thoughts. If there are some people who give you only negativity stop spending time with them. Surround yourself with positive people. They help you get rid of negative thoughts and negative energy.

Take action for whatever you want to achieve in life. Positive thinking is crucial, it can change situations.

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16 responses to “5 Steps To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

  1. I agree you can choose to channel your own positive energy rather than negative energy. It’s a choice that you can turn into a positive or a negative habit. Great post. Thanks from cultivatingtime.wordpress.com


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