40 Little Things That Make All The Difference In Your Day

Our days are filled with so many little moments which we sometimes don’t realize and appreciate them enough. Surely there some big days in our life. Like when you graduate, the day you meet the love of your life, the day you get a top job you always wanted, the day you get married. You can easy count them. Of course they make you happy. In fact are the countless little things, that you experience every day, they make all the difference in your life. The make every day of your life meaningful and bright. You might dont have everything you wanted but you have everything you need. The gratitude and appreciation make you feel happy.


  1. Getting a phone call from an old friend that you haven’t seen for ages. Remembering the good old times you had together. It puts a big smile in your face.
  2. Your other half fetching you breakfast in bed. You enjoy it with a good feeling inside you.
  3. Seeing kids playing happy in their world. They make you happy and proud.
  4. Someone on social media trying to deliver a great message of peace…” Let’s be human AGAIN….”
  5. That blissful silence in the end of a busy day.
  6. Admiring the sun set on coast line.
  7. Feeling someone you love take your hand on theirs. A little gesture making you feel loved.
  8. Having a fresh tasty meal and a nice conversation with very good friend of yours.
  9. Having to play the game you always played when you was a child.
  10. Finding money in one of your old coats pockets, that you had forgotten all about it.
  11. Someone holding the door open for you and with smile saying: “after you”.
  12. A power of a hug from loved ones when you feeling down.
  13. Taking a moment of meditation after a long day. Or as they call it meditative breathing.
  14. A genuine smile from a stranger. Such a little thing making you feel better.
  15. Taking some time to clean your house. Cleaning your kitchen and clearing your mind.
  16. Texting your mother: I love you.
  17. Receiving unexpected flowers from someone you love.
  18. A long walk in the beach, you know the feelings when the sand and water gets between your toes.
  19. The graduation of your daughter/son. Feeling so proud and happy for them.
  20. A fellow blogger commenting on your post pointing out it was a great post.
  21. Walking your dog for half an hour.
  22. Making a little change in your day routine just to make it a bit excited.
  23. Helping an old person with shopping.
  24. Watching an old movie.
  25. Bumping an old friend you haven’t seen for years.
  26. Giving hand written love letter to someone you love. Or just leaving it somewhere so  they can find it.
  27. Fixing a little thing in your house, or just maintaining your garden.
  28. Having a long bath with a glass of red wine.
  29. Finding a book you always wanted to read.
  30. Laughing out loud for something really funny.
  31. Planning a holiday.
  32. Seeing politicians agree to meet up every so often shake hand, smile and disagree  for everything else. It reminds you of comedians.
  33. Having a 10 minute massage from your partner.
  34. Having a bit of time alone when things seem tough.
  35. Having a extra half an hour sleep.
  36. Finding that time to do the exercise you love.
  37. Having a picnic with your kids.
  38. Listening to your favorite music.
  39. Getting in your bed with clean sheets.
  40. Having a moment to appreciate all them little things that make you truly happy.

The list can go on and on with them single pleasures and little things. Enjoy it every day, appreciate it every day.

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12 responses to “40 Little Things That Make All The Difference In Your Day

  1. Your articles are very effective and meaningful…I loved reading them and those featured pictures are also amazing! You can join me at my blog… Cheers! 😀

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  2. Excellent list.. As you said, the list goes on with little little happiness..Sometimes when I look at the mirror and smiles, I get a smile back. Actually it is one of my secret happiness.

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  3. This post is so positive and uplifting. Thank you. It reminds me of all the things in life that seem simple but are actually the things that make life worthwhile. From cultivatingtime.wordpress.com


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