How To Deal With Rejection

Rejection hits you hard and cause you pain. Even you know rejection is part of life it still hurts. According to experts when you experience a rejection same parts of your brain gets activated as when you experience physical pain. That proves the emotional pain hits you as hard as physical pain.


1 – Rejection the process.

It could  be an end of a longterm relationship. You might had big hopes, that you going to get a top job, but someone else was selected. Or you send few manuscripts to different publishers and all they were rejected. Maybe you been rejected in bedroom for so long that you feel worthless…

Once you get that bad news you might be silent for few minutes, it’s a state of shock and words just don’t come out. You could feel cold and dizzy. You might be feeling sick. Or you even could collapse.

Once you take that feeling in, then a bunch of negative thoughts just hits you. It affects your confidence, you feel unsecure, your self esteem get knocked down, you feel worthless and unwanted. You don’t feel talking to anyone, you might just have that feeling you want to run away from everyone. Your lose your appetite, you can’t sleep.

2 – Take it in, just accept it.

Many times rejection feel personal.  But it’s not. Whoever is rejecting you is not in fact rejecting you. Let just take a closer look. If your partner ended your relationship maybe he/she is just not attracted to you anymore. You can’t alter that. It doesn’t mean your unwanted and worthless. Not at all. If you were turned down by publishers they not rejecting you but your work don’t fit to them. If you were expecting to get that top job but someone else did they not rejecting you but someone else have better skills than you. Don’t take it personally. Remember everyone get rejected. Just accept it and let it be.

Take some time off work if you can. Give yourself time to process the rejection and grieve. It’s normal that you going to be upset. Allow yourself to be upset. Don’t sit in for hours and days though. It’s not healthy. Take a long walk in the park. Go and watch a movie. Don’t turn yourself to drinking alcohol. Drinking only add up to the problem.

3 – Time to talk.

There is people out there who love you for who you are. Don’t forget that. Maybe now is time you turn to a close friend that you trust or to a member of your family that your really close to, and talk to them over it. Talk about your rejection and see what they say. You will feel better when you let it all out and you know that you can trust them. Think, and don’t let that rejection ruin your life. When the appropriate grieving time is over take some time to think what next. It’s time to move on from rejection.

4 – Understanding the rejection.

Whatever it was you need to think about rejection as a situation that went wrong, a project that was turned down. They didn’t reject you they rejected your project or manuscript or your skills, not you as person. Or if it was your relationship that ended you frame it like it didn’t work out. Don’t put the blame on yourself or anyone else


5 – Time to move on.

Don’t let rejection bring your life to halt. Yes it’s ok to take some time and think what you going to do next. Rejection, failure, mistakes are all part of life. But you move on. You can do something fun something different. If it was your relationship maybe you want sometime, and some space in your own. You still can be happy, but it will take some time for your heart to heal.

If was your project that was turned down think is there ways to improve it drastically or is time to think for a new projet.

If it was your  manuscript that was rejected think again. Is there anything you can do differently or maybe you want to swap and write poetry instead. Dont give up just because it was rejected, but think what you can do best and turn it to a success.

It’s time to let rejection go and keep moving forward. Dwelling on the past rejections will keep you stuck in the past and not let you enjoy the present. Let it go and enjoy your life.

If you truly feel you can’t move from that rejection if you can’t let it go, you need to seek professional help.

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