4 Ways To Rebuild Your Life

Life is a journey. You start somewhere and someday you reach the destination. If your happy with your life that feels just great. But that is not the case for many people. You as everyone would love to be happy you just haven’t found that path yet. That keep holding you back. You feel that never going to change, so many negative thoughts…. What now? You need to fight back. You need to rebuild your life….Here is how:


1 – Acknowledge the problem.

You need to ask yourself some specific questions: Start by writing them down. Think what is making you more unhappy? Which areas are affecting you most?

  • Are you in a relationship that is going nowhere? Do you think there is no love any more?
  • Are you in a job that you really hate?
  • Is there people from your family that always dragging you down?
  • Do you feel your appearance is affecting your health?
  • Are your finances giving you too much headache?

2 – Face the problem.

After you wrote them questions down read them over and over again. Then take a moment and think: If there was a quick fix what would you change? Think and write the answers down.

  • Would you feel better if you ended your relationship?  What you want from a relationship?  What you want in a partner?
  • Would a new career make you happy? What is it you always wanted to do in your life?  What’s your passion  and what’s your skills?
  • Do you like to repair your family relationship as ending it altogether might hurts you more?
  • What would you change in your appearance if you could?  Your clothing? Your hair style?  Weight or length?
  • Have you thought what changes can you make in your financial side?

3 – Bring up the positives.

Surely there are some positives in your life. You only need to bring them to the light so you can acknowledge them and see if any of them positives can help you fix the negatives. You might have some savings in your bank and that will help take on a new career. Or you might have a very supportive family which will support you towards rebuilding your life.


4 – Take action.

Time to start building your new life.Time to take action.

  • Break-up in a relationship is not always bad. Sometimes you have to break up in order to be happy or happier in the life future. So take a decision. Break up if you think that relationship it’s only making you unhappy. If you feel that nobody else wants you I have to tell you that is only in your head. Let go. Move on.
  • If you are sick of your job first thing you must do is check in with yourself and prepare for what you want to do. If you want a new career and you have the skills then get your CV ready and start looking for a new job. Apply online. Or if you haven’t got the skills maybe you need to go back to college and finish a course. It can be done. It’s never to late.
  • If there is someone in your family making you unhappy think before you cut them out of your life. Call them and meet with them in person. Tell him/her there something going to change if they wanted to be in your life. Tell them to take you seriously. Tell them what would happen otherwise. Move on.
  • If the way you look it’s affecting you daily you need to change. First you need to change the way you think about yourself. So if you think you look ugly, i would say change that thinking: how about you look good. Think this way and support it with action. Like get a new wardrobe. Keep a good hygiene. Dress smart. Change your hair style. Get a new perfume or aftershave. See you don’t need a new mirror you look good in this one.
  • If you unhappy because you are in debt, then you have to figure out the way out of debt. I know there is no free money. Only fresh air is free so breathe and think how can you get out of debt. Save and pay. There is also ways to negotiate and arrange payments you can afford with your creditors. Some agencies also offer free debt advice and can help you write debts off if you can’t afford to pay. So smile.

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