4 Reasons That Your Dreams Never Come True.

Dreams and hopes take you to a better world, there where peace mean peace and you nearly touch the skies. That’s the feeling. Dreams keep you going. They make you stronger, determined and give you the meaning and purpose in life!


Question is: do dreams always come true? The answer is: no, not always.

Setting unrealistic goals (no matter how hard you work), you never accomplish them. You might just end up in depression. If you think, you might end up worse than you where before you set up these dreams. I remember once I was queuing to get couple of lottery tickets and in front of me was a chinese lady. I was shocked when I heard her saying  to the sales clerk:” can I have 100 lottery tickets”. So yeah that is absolutely crazy. If your goal is that you going to win the jackpot of lottery that certainly, never going to happen.

There is so many people out there that they have achieved extraordinary things and dreams, but experts say that is not a norm.

If you want something badly you have to work hard for it. Then again people have set their goals and many time they fail to accomplish their dreams.

Here is why:

1 – Unrealistic goals.

You try hard as they are your dreams. They mean a lot to you. You fail. All this long you been working so hard. You feel a waste of space. And you ask the question: Why did I fail?

Not long ago I met a guy called David. We were talking about dreams. Bullshit, he said. You know when I was 19 my dream was that by 30 I would be a famous actor, rich with a beautiful wife and 2 lovely kids. Living in a mansion Well I am 40 now and never been married and only see actors on telly. But I did realized unrealistic dreams never come true. So I had to let them go. It wasnt easy but I moved on and I am happy now.

2 – Giving up to soon.

You heard the saying: never give up on your dreams. You work hard and yet you might still fail. Then you don’t feel trying again. You know the author of Harry Potter J. K. Rowling was turned down by 12 publishers until a London small house took her on. It goes to show that if you have realistic dreams don’t give up. Keep trying until you reach them.

3 – Expecting the unexpected.

Some people build their dreams on hope of other people going to make them come true for them. If you have a business and you employed people and you expect from them to make you a millionaire in one year, then you might need a  realistic check. Or if your parents are rich therefore you think you are rich too you might need to think again longer and harder.

4 – Not valuing the opportunities.

If you think you going to set some expectations for yourself always ask why you want to do it? I mean if you have a good job that makes you happy and give you the life style you want, why you want to quit and go for something bigger. The point is maybe you are living the dream you just not valuing  it.

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12 responses to “4 Reasons That Your Dreams Never Come True.

  1. Interesting thoughts. I’ve had a couple of special dreams which I still hold onto, but most of the time I drop them in the morning! Really interesting subject, and today particularly my dream is that ‘peace means peace’. Thanks for a thought provoking post 🙂


  2. I’ve noticed that cognitive dissonance sets in when I don’t reach my goals, but I always get what’s best for me. I just have to remember to realize it and be grateful that cg kicked in and took me to a better path. NO regrets. Great story. 🙂

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  3. Amazing post!
    Well I have failed numerous times to achieve my goals but later I realised that goles set were not very specific and measurable. And above all goal should be achievable and step by step dreams can be realised. Planning and execution I believe can be the key

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