7 Valuable Tips On Healthy And Happier Living

We all want a healthy life. We all dream for a happier life. Can you have a stress free life, smile and laugh more and just be happy, no worries. You have to try, but there are many factors that influence our daily life and the way you interact with outside world affects you in daily basis. The truth is to live healthy and be happier there is some paths to follow, some choices to make and some tips to take.


Tips on how to be healthy and happier with your life.

1 – Look after your body and your mind.

There is a saying: A healthy mind in a healthy body. It does make sense. It also tells you that the body and the mind are connected and one affect other. If you ask how can I look after my body? The answer is: follow simple steps and common sense.

  • Eat healthy.

Eating healthy food is a way to healthy life. Getting your daily proteins and vitamins it’s vital. Eating fresh food as fish and meat it’s important. Reduce as much  as possible the junk food. If you can junk the junk food. Also reduce unhealthy snacks, as crisps and bars of chocolates.You still can treat your self now and again but keep it to a minimum. Also try to avoid processed food, as researches have shown it’s not healthy. Eat fruits like apples, watermelon, or grapes as they contain water and it,s proven that they help our immune system grow stronger also they act as enriched source of skin clarity and clear eye vision.

  • Make water your favorite drink.

Drink plenty of water every day. The benefits of drinking water are to many to list but most important is that your body needs water and it’s an amazing source of health. Water also give you a clear skin and therefore affects your appearance making you happier. It’s recommended that you have 8 glasses of water daily.

  • Have a good night sleep.

Have a good night sleep. Next day you be feeling fresh full of energy and ready to take on whatever challenge you are up to. It’s recommended that you get at least 8 hours sleep in one night. Sleeping less than that means the next day you be feeling tired and not happy

  • Keep up with physical activities.

Exercise daily( if you can).It doesnt mean you need to go to a gym place every day. You can walk every day or as much as possible. Dancing in your room helps too. Physical activities make you feel strong and happier.

  • Sexercise

Research reveal that sex rated as a moderated  intense exercise, burns 4,1 calories per minute in men and 3,2 calories per minute in woman. Research also show sex make you much happier than any other exercise. So there is a thought: maybe you should throw away your running shoes and have more sex instead.

2 – Set your goals in life.

Setting challenging and achievable goals in your life give you the good feeling about your future. It also give you the purpose and meaning in your life. Your goals motivate you to wake up earlier next day as something to look forward and accomplish. It make you enthusiastic and happier. Having goals in life also keeps your mind active and engaged  and give you the satisfaction when accomplishing them.

3 – Keep helping other people.

You love being happy. So does everyone. You notice if you help an elderly neighbour he/she smiles. It’s a genuine smile. Seeing that smile on their face make you happier. Keep doing things for other people.keep being happier.


4 – Have a positive attitude.

Think positive. Even if you experience a failure always think positive. Big names like Donald Trump, Richard Branson, and many others they failed but bounced back and managed to make it a success in great levels.

5 – Appreciate life and whatever you ‘ve got.

Learn to appreciate. Are you healthy? If yes appreciate it and smile. You have a good friend appreciate them. Learning to appreciate will make you happier.

6 – Accept yourself for who you are.

Nobody is perfect. Be content and happy for who you are. And always try to learn in life. Every day is new day, everyday is an opportunity to learn something new and improve yourself. Oh and be kind to yourself, even when you do something wrong.

7 – Refrain yourself from negative people.

Have a positive approach in life. Yes you will be meeting negative people too. Dont make friends from them. Cut them out of your life. They could be just a source of stress. Keep well away from them.

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14 responses to “7 Valuable Tips On Healthy And Happier Living

  1. I was feeling pretty down this morning, so I decided to meet my friend and have a coffee – I feel in a great mood now! Healthy eating definitely makes my feel good. All of these are great points. Thanks 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Seb for this great list. When I sat in my cubicle this morning at work, I was having many negative thoughts about my job, my life and much more.
    But your 7 points showed me what can I do with all those blessings I have to make myself more happy.
    Thanks for this!!

    Liked by 1 person

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