The Business And Your Relationships

Starting-up a business is so many people’s dream. It can be tough, it can be daunting but it also can change the way you live your life. Making it a success means you get rewarded. Your life style change. It does require your hard work, been organising, lots of efforts and energy. It also means to build the few new relationships. Without showing regard and respect being kind to others you wont succeed. Whilst you start-up a business things seem to get hard and you notice one thing: in order to be successful you need to build and maintain new relationships, as you care and not forget about old relationships.


1 – The business and your family relationship.

I listed it as a first relationship as it’s most important in your life. Even so it’s the first to be neglected. Your business means a lot to you. It,s your dream and passion. You want to turn it to a massive success. You start working long hours. And that carry’s on for months. Your family is not seen much of you. You kind a forget about them. Your priorities changed. It’s wrong. Your family is the people you love most. You need to remember few things: first you can’t do everything by yourself. Second you need to have a plan for to do things. And third your relationship with your family is very important, so plan to spend time with them. Most the time more than financial support they need your love, your attention and your care. Don’t neglect them.

2 – The business and customer relationship.

It’s vital you build a long term relationship with your customers. The way to do this is a clear and friendly communication with them. You greet them. You talk to them with respect. Sometimes you might send a happy birthday card to one of them. It does make a difference, it does make them feel good, and special. You look after all of your customers keeping the communication alive. If their needs change than you will offer them what they want and they will be happy sticking with you. Encourage the honest fed back. It helps you change and maintain a strong relationship with customers.

3 – The business and your relationship with competitors.

Everyone of you is fighting to succeed. But all of you have something in common, you are at same industry, selling same product or offering same service. It’s very important that you build and maintain a good relationship with your competitors. You get to know them. They will benefit from your experience as you benefit from theirs. Make sure you maintain this relationship at all time.

4 – The business and your relationship with suppliers.

This is crucial too. You need to build a great relationship with your suppliers. Setting up the payment arrangements and keeping up with payments is important to maintain that good relationship with them. And a mutual respect goes a long way.


5 – The business and relationship with your employees.

As important as the previous relationships. You pick the best employees. You try to get to know them each one of them with name. You make they feel they are part of the business. Motivate them and look after them. Keep the communication going. Maintain the relationship with them.

6 – The business and relationship with investors.

And last but not least is building a great relationship with investors. This doesnt apply to entrepreneurs who self fund their businesses. But it’s important to the group which applies to. They who invest in your business are as interested as you to make it a success so build a great relationship with them and always maintain it.

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