5 Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Are you a great leader? If you are you know leading your team to accomplish your company’s goals is what makes you great. You done it. Even so, you still know there is room to improve on you. How do you lead your team? Are you good at organising, and directing? Are you able to relate to your team? Do you help them to relate with one another? Do you inspire and motivate your team?


Researches have shown the top qualities that define a great leader are assertiveness, intelligence, adaptability, and  conscientiousness. And you always have to strive to improve and be a better a leader. Here are some ways on how to improve:

1 – The vision.

You know as a leader you should have a clear vision for the path that you and your team are going to follow, work hard and reach the goals. Your vision is your mission. Take time to talk to your team in detail about the approach you using to accomplish the company’s goals. Explain to them how that will benefit the business and everyone in your team. Make sure you include your team whilst you planing the direction of your team work. Ask them what they think? Does anyone have a better idea? Always take their feedback.

2 – Connect and communicate.

You lead your team by example. A good leader first and foremost is a good human being. Leading a team requires a mutual trust and understanding between the leader and team members. Therefore you talk to everyone in your team. You show compassion, empathy, trust, purpose, positivity, love and humility. Building the relationship with your team means having that connection which definitely helps you to make a success of the business.

3 – Know how to handle the negative situations.

Being a leader tought you that the operations not always run smoothly.  You will face bumps and obstacles. You will face negative situations. From little misunderstandings to major errors. The way you handle them negative situations will determine success or failure and clearly show a lot about you as leader. Your focus will move from what’s going wrong to what’s going right. Shining a light on issues and problems you face is a important part of transformation. And you always move forward focusing on positives.


4 – Don’t give orders, instead show.

It’s quite understandable that you will ask from each individual of your team to perform the best. But always use as a metric yourself. Don’t ask them to do something you haven’t done yourself. Also don’t order, show. It works much better than orders. It motivates the team too. Instead of ordering you say follow me. Your team are your followers and that’s how you lead them to success. That’s how you build the trust and respect instead of ruling by fear.

5 – Get feedback.

There is always ways to improve your leadership skills. Think how? Don’t think you are great and you know everything. You still can be a better leader by improving yourself. Another way to do this  always ask for feedback. Your team members, your mentors, other professionals, the feedback you get is very valuable and make you improve effectiveness. Being genuinely passionate in what you do, showing to your team problems can be solved better if you have a strategy, taking notice from feedback and learning from failure and mistakes will give you a step ahead of becoming a great leader.

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4 responses to “5 Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills

  1. Great check list. People have commented positively on my leadership skills and it is something I want to use in my career in the future. These are really helpful, and the questions at the beginning made me think and assess what I need to improve. Thanks 🙂


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