5 Negative Effects Of Technology On Humans

There is a huge impact the advanced technology has on human relationships these days. Undoubtedly it has transformed the way we live and interact with outside world. You wake up first thing you do, you reach for your mobile phone. Start checking out messages, email inbox. Your work started whilst you still in bed. There is no denying of benefits we gained from modern technology. But for many people the technology can have a devastating impacts too.


Negative effects of technology on humans.

1 – Ruined the physical connection of social life.

Yes, now we connect instantly from everywhere in the globe. Internet made it possible. It’s great isn’t it? Yes and no. It’s great to connect with people we love when they live two thousand miles away, and there is no other way to talk to them. But it’s not so great when we use the technology to connect with people that maybe live as close as next door, with friends that if we walk half an hour we’ll meet them in person. The internet is ruining our physical connection and social life. People sit at home and text. Communication lacks the context. Conversation lack the personal touch. Where you met someone in person is so great, you make the eye contact, emotions interact, you give them a hug. It’s so special. It make us feel a million times better.

We now live with social media, facebook, twiter etc. Even in a night out with friends, people are there with mobile phones on their hands, taking photos. Ten years ago we lived them great moments and we saved them in our memories. These days are now long gone.

2 – Ruined our private life.

With internet use we lost our privacy. Now to many people live on social media. They write their life stories, not worrying at all, there is no more privacy. They check their status and change it every so often. It has become an addiction for so many. No wonder there hackers find it easy to target people’s private data. It’s becoming a normal routine for criminals to access  even your bank details,  many times from other countries.

3 – New technology on gaming industry is ruining people’s life.

The roulette machines appeared in high street in 2002. They are so intelligent machines. People have become very addictive to them. One spin take only 20 seconds, so just in one minute they can wipe out £500 from your pocket. Since they first appeared they have had a devastating impact on peoples lives, and industries profits has rocketed to billions of pounds. There been campaigners fighting to get them machines off the streets so far failing because government just  taking no notice.

People get so addicted to them machines.  The so called crack cocaine gambling. That’s why the gambling shops in UK had spread like a virus. I can’t find a better description for them machines as one of a scottish bookmakers: A LICENCE TO STEAL. If you like to find out more about these gaming machines read:https://sebdani.com/2015/10/23/legal-highs-and-horrifying-effects-episode-2/

4 – A source of stress and depression.

Staying connected bring to many problems. People get lazy. People miss the physical activities. You can get a constant stress on chatting online. Plus there are many fake people and fake profiles. You can build a relationship with some of them fake people. In the end effects can be harmful and devastating leaving you to face  a long term depression.


5 – Affecting kids lives.

Kids as young as 2 years of age are using the digital technology like tablets ipods to play. It has a greater influence on kids than it has in adults as their brain is developing.. It’s proven the effects the technology has on kids. It shapes the way they think. Experts accept the effects of technology on kids is with both benefits and costs. Whether the technology helps or hurt  the development of your kids thinking depends on what specific technology is used , also how it’s used with what frequency.

Children online are so exposed to pornography and if not supervised and tought they can get in a lot of trouble.

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4 responses to “5 Negative Effects Of Technology On Humans

  1. Yes, the use of technology by young children greatly worries me. Also schools are using it for more and more lessons, for far more hours than can possible be healthy. Thanks for posting this.


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