10 Ways To Reduce Stress

At some point in our lives we all go through a great amount of stress. Sometimes it comes at a great level and all what you think is: “I am useless”, “I am a waste of space”, “I am so ugly”. That is when stress reaches extreme levels. What do you do then. Try hard to not let the stress come to that level. Stress can’t be fully eliminated from our lives. I don’t believe in a stress free life. The stress is a response to every day challenges we face and a life without a challenge would be boring. On other hand you do want to eliminate lots of stress and be happy. Let just take an example. You forgot to set the alarm for the next day and when you wake up you’re late for work. You rush to get out of the house. The stress is already rolling up. You forget something in to the house, so you go back. You snap at a co-worker. There is so much to do. Your energy drains up. You feel exhausted. Your day gone all wrong. You get the idea. A very stressful day.


How do you eliminate the stress?

1 – Find the source of stress.

This is crucial. Many people don’t consider it. First thing to come in your mind when you feel so stressed is make an appointment to see your doctor. The tablets may be make you feel little better but they wont eliminate the stress. Instead take five-ten minutes and think deep what is stressing you out. Find the source. Find the stressors. It could be your work. Is it stressful. Don’t let it be. Think, your health is much more important than your job. Actively look for another job. Avoid difficult people if they are stressing you out. Cut them out of your life. The point is find the source of your stress and eliminate most of them sources.

2 – Ease your commitments.

Too many things to do. Very busy schedule. Things to do with kids, our families, other activities. Try to eliminate unnecessary commitments.

3 – Organize yourself.

In mean time there are tasks that need to be done daily. Don’t avoid them. If you do they will pile up and you’ll find it hard to accomplish ending up being so stressed.

4 – Don’t be controlling.

You just wish sometimes you had more control over the world. You wish you had control over stuff that really stresses you out. Stop stressing yourself over it. You can’t control the world. Let go of them things.

5 – Don’t be late.

Being late means you are rushing all day. Try to catch up. Well you can eliminate it. Be on time. No rush. No stress.


6 – Create a simple life.

Stop multitasking. Make things simple. Doing too many things at the same time stresses you out. Maybe it’s time you simplify your life. Ease your to do-list.

7 – Work and relax.

Get the balance right. You can’t afford to relax for a long time but remember you can’t afford to work long hours and not relax either. Find the time and relax throughout the day.

8 – Quit work.

Yes you can do it if it’s building up stress every single day. Out there are many other jobs. Quit before gets to much. You can find another job. Maybe it’s the time to find the job you enjoy doing.

9 – Exercise.

This is the most common advice for stress relief and it works. It also works for stress prevention. Exercise give you the chance to have that moment of contemplation. Eating healthy, eliminating smoking and binge drinking also helps.

10 – Listen to music.

Find that time and listen to music you like. It relax your mind and soul. It goes deep beyond the problem. It takes you to a different world. Sometimes it’s just what you need.

Photo Credit Pixabay

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