15 Tips To Make A Successful Career

It’s that simple. You want to succeed. You want to be someone. You have that gut feeling inside you. Yet if you dont have a job you just want to find one that gives you the living. A good education add value to who you are. You might are good at maths or at science. Then the fields you looking to find, not just a job but the one that is the career you want to pursue, widen. Let just assume you got the job you love. You enjoy it. The pay is good. You could get promoted. And so on.


Here are the 15 tips to a successful career.

1 – Work hard from the day one.

Always try to do more than what is assigned to you. Get things done on time. Share the team spirit. Work over time if you have not finished what you suppose to.

2 – Try to know everyone who works with you.

It might be a company. Try to remember every body’s name. Respect each one of them and do your best to be top individual. Acknowledge the skills of the co-workers and improve yourself.

3 – Be faithful.

You wont go far if you lie to people. Be faithful to yourself, to your boss and to everyone around you. That’s the way forward.

4 – Think your company’s goals as your own goals.

As you set your own goals the company will have their goals. Treat them as they are your own goals. Put your hard work, skills and abilities to achieve them goals.

5 – Be a problem solver.

It means things could go wrong. There might be a problem. Don’t just give up. Take the initiative solve the problem.

6 – Take full responsibility for your actions.

Don’t blame other people (co-workers, employees) for your actions. Remember no one is perfect. Take responsibility for your actions, mistakes or failure.

7 – Learn and develop yourself.

Every day learn something new. Through out the process learn and learn and learn. Your never to old to learn. Grow yourself and give your career more than 100 per cent.

8 – Never use the sentence “this’s not my job”

Your career is important to you. If you were given an extra job, just do it. To your best abilities. It could be a test for you.

9 – Ask for help if you need it.

Dont be afraid to ask for a helping hand if you need it. Help other people if you see they are struggling to accomplish a task. It’s a team work.


10 – Share the success.

Don’t take all the credit to yourself. Even if you were a leader. Share the success with all your team. Acknowledge everyone. Appreciate everyone. Thank everyone.

11 – Don’t avoid difficult conversations.

Working under pressure could be very stressful at times. There could be tough moments. Dont avoid difficult conversations. They are part of the job. Try to handle them in the best way possible.

12 – Don’t lose your spirit.

Work can be touch. But also can be very rewarding. Don’t lose your spirit. Always be yourself and prepare to the next challenge

13 – Don’t let your relationships affect you decision-making.

Keep your private life separate from your career.

14 – Create deep connections.

You be spending long hours at work. You get to know people. Create deep connections.

15 – Be the  innovator.

Research your industry. Explore new ideas. Put them ideas in to action.

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8 responses to “15 Tips To Make A Successful Career

  1. Really like this post, it’s nice to read career related advice that isn’t all corporate people pleasing stuff. Your career is about your own self-development, not just the company you work for and this post covers both angles perfectly. Concise too, which keeps it interesting

    Liked by 1 person

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