A Business From Home

Being the business which you can start with less costs the businesses from home has grown significantly. There is 2,9 million home based businesses in UK and they contribute to the economy is £300 billion. There is a variety of home based businesses.


Starting a production company

Keeping in mind that we are living on digital era  there is a global market for different types of videos. It could be to entertain, to advertise or to inform. All comes to the ease and speed at which high quality video can be uploaded to an  online platform to reach the global audience constantly connected. But not everyone can start a production company. You need the knowledge and expertise that will make a professional.

You might choose to specialise in certain things as animation or very niche things like time lapse. Or you might pick to specialise in one particular thing such as camera operation or you could do both shooting and editing

Then you do the research of market in that field you think you really good at.

Where to start?

Create a video production business plan.

There is countless different kinds of video production, so from the outset you need to decide what niche is your direction. Again it could be video about video games or you could aim being an expert in wine videos or medical videos. Once you choose a platform you could gain exposure even in a very crowded market.

What do you need to know to make a video production business plan?

You need a room and if you have a free one in your home that would do it for you. But if you haven’t then may be need to rent one.The costs of the rent ( if you renting one). You’ll also need all your equipment starting with a camera. The costs of camera. ( buying one or renting one) Might you will need a freelancer. The good freelancers dont come cheap.( a good freelancer cost £250 to £300 a day).



Your equipment is your tools you going to use in your business company production. Camera is the cornerstone of your operation in video production so it is worth investing some money in. You either can rent on or buy one. A vast number of production companies use now Ultra HD – 4096 • 2160 pixels.


It’s a essential piece of your tools but not expensive. It helps taking steady and professional shoots.


As you begin you can get them cheap from amazon but when your company start growing can upgrade some good quality lighting.

Audio recording and editing software.

Audio is that quality which determine the difference between a professional and amateur video. It crucial you get it right. As for editing you can use free editing software for start.

How much money you will make?

Like all the start up businesses the beginning might be tough. You might get small projects and get paid little money. But is still good as gain experience and grow your company. As  you go you develop good relationships with people who you work with. Experts say a filmmaker earns about £30.000 a year.

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