Legal Highs And Horrifying Effects

What are legal highs?

The legal highs are chemical substances that are designed to imitate the illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroine, cannabis and ecstasy. These substances so called legal highs contain one or more chemicals which produce similar effects of illegal drugs.


The legal highs are not controlled under the Misuse Of Drug Act.Those chemical substances are structurally different enough to avoid being covered by law.


These drugs since they are legally sold and bought are having a horrifying effect on young people’s lives. According to BBC news there been a rise on number of deaths from 10 people 2001 to 96 people in 2014.

“The stimulants drug can force the body temperature to rise to lethal levels, the heart to stop without warning, and the muscles in the body to cook themselves leading to organ failure”- the medics say.

The toxic chemicals are are designed to mimic the hard drugs and typically these chemical substances will make you feel more energetic, your body temperature rises and you begun to feel agitated. Then you could collapse  through lack of fluids and organ failure.

“Staff from accident emergency are struggling to cope with a rising number of young people who fall ill after consuming the legal highs known as new psychoactive substances (NPS) because they contain unknown deadly chemicals” report’s say.

Are legal highs safe to use?

Many people assume that because they are legal they should be safe to use. In fact they are not safe to use. The legal highs are not safety tasted for human consumption. In most of them you will find the note: “not for human consumption”, yet again young people are gambling their lives by using them.

Why are they legal?

So called legal highs or new psychoactive substance are legal simply because of their formula and structure is not covered by law. The government has already made the bill to ban many of legal highs, but it wont come to power until it’s passed in parliament on April next year.

Another major problem with legal highs is that the producers and suppliers are changing their formula very fast. That means when them deadly substances are banned for human consumption the chemists and  manufactures will come out with a new chemical which will not be covered by law, and process has to start again. Basically they will be there forever because the producers of legal highs are always a step ahead of the law.

What’s next?

Ideally people should not use the legal highs. In real life many of them are using them even kids as young as 14 .

The medical staff are often faced with dilemma as they got no idea what them substances are made with so is just a new experience for them too.

The Doctor will advise you to not use a chemical substance you never used or seen before. The effects can be truly devastating.

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    • My main topic is business but I do write about other stuff that effects people. Yes them drugs are deadly chemicals. People can access them very easy and buy them cheap enough.
      Thanks for the comment!

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