10 Essential Keys To Succeed In Life And Business

There are many people out there who for different reasons think of starting their own business. There are millions, but most of them never do because they got a good job, which gives them a comfortable life, and they not ready to compromise that. Others never start because of fear they going to lose the investment. Some do start but only few succeed.

Success is relative to each individual, but more than an idea success is a state of mind.


Here are the essential keys of how to succeed in life and in business

1 – Find your passion and follow it.

The achievements in life take time and lots of effort. And hard work. It’s extremely important your idea of your goals will come from your passion. Passion is the word, passion is the drive beyond tiredness. Nothing will stop you reaching your dream if you have that passion.

Nothing comes easy in this world, but loving what you doing, and being committed to that is a unstoppable process towards your goal.

2 – Always trust your gut  feeling.

It’s hard to explain that gut feeling, but we all know it. It comes when you most need it. Have you ever were in that hard position, thinking what now and the gut tells you what to do. Don’t for moment doubt it, don’t question it. Trust the gut feeling. The gut feeling is right.Especially if you standing in front of some one and just trying to find out if he/she is the right person to do business with.

3 – Keep up with the new technology

Whatever your encounter is the new technology is there. You must keep up with it. The new smart phones can enable you to do many task as you on the go. So if you were a business person the advertising has changed deeply. Now you can connect to millions of customers just using the Social Media with much less costs. Keeping up with technology is just keeping up with times.


4 – Be different.

You might fancy being a millionaire. Whatever your aims are you must find something who stands you out from the world. The three friends, graduates from Edinburgh University, Gregor, 36 and two Smeaton brothers were having a laugh and drinking beer when they come out with a idea of making a fancy dress and selling it. On their business plan they aimed to sell 20.000 costumes, for one year because that how many people they will buy it they thought. But they were wrong. To date they sold 2,5 million turning their idea in to a multimillion pound business.

5 – Learn as you go.

Never think you know enough. As the technology is moving fast, so is the whole world. Always consider yourself a leaner. Being keen to learn will only help you to achieve your goal, by making it easy for you.

6 – Don’t take it for granted.

At some point in your life you feel you have created your own little world. You have a good business, a comfortable life, a great family. Give something back. There are many people less fortunate than you. Open the door for them. It not only be a good example of helping out others but it will make you feel good as by doing so you changing lives.

7 – Balance yourself.

Learning from books, it’s not only way of learning new things in life. They call it book smart.It would be helpful of finding the ideas where you want to lead your life. Then you learn from each experience you encounter. You need to find the balance of learning from books and learning from different experiences in your life.


8 – Respect others

Your beliefs, hobbies, and reputation are few of your personal values. No one want to be associated with some pig head who only think for themselves. Respect everybody around you. Even if you don’t need them, give them respect. Treat every one as you like to be treated.

9 – Examine yourself

In life and in business you will come across many obstacles in your way of achieving your goals. It is crucial that you examine yourself along entire process. As you make mistakes, you reflect on them, you learn from them, you grow from them. You also learn from your daily interactions with people. As you talk to them you learn not to make the same mistake as  they did.

10 – Take good care of yourself.

Nothing is more important than your health. When you healthy you can pursue your dream by working at maximum levels.That requires you to get enough rest and nutrition on regular basis. Wealth don’t buy you health so take good care of youself.

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4 responses to “10 Essential Keys To Succeed In Life And Business

  1. This is great piece! I think it’s vital that we keep in mind that our health won’t be here forever. We sacrifice our health to make money but then when we get old we use that money to maintain our health. We need to take care of ourselves consistently. Great piece!

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