10 Ways To Make You Be A Better Person Tomorrow

In the end of each day please take five minutes and think. What did you do today? You went to work for 8 hours. Right. What else did you do? How was your day at work? How was your behaviour? Were you nice to someone? Did you give a smile to a stranger? Did you let someone get in line in front of you  whilst you driving? Did that make you be late?


As you process everything you did for that day you will say to yourself. Today I was ok, but tomorrow I want to be a better person. Yes, I do and I will.

How can you be a better person tomorrow?

Here are the ways to help you be a better a person.

1 – Change.

Making a change in your life is not easy, ones you are settled to that daily routine. But you must be willing to change, in order to become a better person. When I grow up as child I wasn’t very kind to people. Some times I use to make fun of people. Then someday I just came to terms that was hurting other people. I changed. If I did, so can you. Take baby steps every day to change. Keep an open mind to that you might need to change today to become a better person tomorrow

2 – Don’t make excuses.

Take accountability for your actions for your mistakes, for your failures. If something goes wrong with your business, don’t blame it on your employees nor in your customers. Think who’s fault was. Don’t be afraid to admit that it was your mistake. Use your mistakes and failure to grow and achieve what you aiming to and much more, use them to learn. It will help you become a better person tomorrow.

3 – Don’t be angry.

If you feel the anger or rage it will affect you and your day, it will affect other people too. Don’t make decisions when you angry. Try and control your anger. It’s not easy but we come to the way we want change. Relax your nerves. May be grab a cup a coffee and just some fresh air. Give it a bit of time to calm your anger. Just by being a tiny bit better than yesterday it still will make you a better person.


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4 – Set an example.

Whatever you are doing try to set an example for other people. Help someone when least expected. Be a role model for your kids. Do something nice for somebody else.

5 – Time to forgive.

Someone hurt you years ago and maybe that was your best friend. It hurts doesn’t it. You just can’t forgive them for what they did to you.

Here are the options

  • You dont forgive.(you think of revenge and that being as bad as them)
  • You dont forgive. (you just keep hold of it against them for the rest of their lives. Not healthy at all.)
  • You forgive them. (It will make you a better person. Move on with your life.)

7 – Be 100% honest.

It seems now days honest people don’t get to far with their lives. That might just look like they getting punished for being honest. Yet honesty is best remedy. Develop good habits every day keeping in mind that you want to be a better person tomorrow.


8 – Listen to other people.

Someone said other day: why are we so busy? Every one is just rushing. People pass you by every day without any care in the world. If you happen to be in their way they just walk further down like you were an object. Ok, be different. Say hello to somebody. And give them a smile. Ask them how are they doing? Ask them if they need some help. Go on help them if they do. Make a connection. Remind this fast moving world we are still human.

9 – Do something different

It would be nice to do something you never wanted to. Just do it. Whatever. I know you dont like vegetables. Make this a vegetables day. Pick some litter on your street. No ones doing it? I know. You go and do it. That will make you a better person.

10 – Surprise a loved one.

It could be your spouse, or your mum, or your kids. Cook a nice meal for them. They will appreciate it. Buy someone you love a nice present. It doesnt matter is not their birthday. You wont surprise them if it was. They  will think of it for years to come.

I will be a better person tomorrow. Will you? And you? And you? If we all do, tomorrow the World will be a much better place to live.

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