43 Things That Make You Smile

At the end of every day we just wish to ourselves  we smiled a bit more we laughed a bit more. Because is a day gone forever. Have you noticed some times you just walking on your daily routine, and a stranger happens to give you a smile. It means nothing. It cost nothing. But in other hand it will make your day. It feels like God is telling you to smile.

But not all days are the same. Some days things go wrong. And you just don’t feel smiling. But you do have a choice. Either fall down or look up. Accept what’s happen and find something it’s worth smiling at.


Down below I am going to list the things that make you smile in your day.

1. Waking up and seen the sun shine on your window. Its a good feeling straight way make you smile.

2. Your other half surprising you by fetching breakfast in bed.

3. Your daily cappuccino as you like it, with the one you love.

4. Your little boy when he says thank you very much ( it sounds like he is talking chinese)

5. Texting your mum/dad ” I love you”.

6. Ringing an old friend. He really been expecting your call. And remembering the good old days.

7. Write down people and things you really appreciate in your life.

8. Take your dog for walk.

9. Your daughter drawing a picture of you.

10. Hugging your kids.

11. Taking silly pictures of yourself.

12. Having a nice dinner with someone you love. And oh a nice bottle of wine.

13. Hearing your brothers voice who lives miles and miles way.

14. Wishing a friend from facebook ” happy birthday”.

15. Watching a funny film that really makes you laugh.

16. Taking a run that you always promised yourself you were going to.

17. A hand writing ” I love you” to some one you love.

18. Helping someone who really need a hand.

19. Playing a football match with your kids.

20. Being generous.

21. Watching a lovely sun set.

22. Going for a drive out and listen to your favorite songs

23. A surprise text from the one you love.

24. Watching someone who is walking (and reading a text at the same time) go and bump into a lamp post.

25. Day dreaming about a holiday you never had.

26. Looking at funny pictures.

27. Walking around the mall and expecting to see a friend.

28. Talking to Siri on google. Once she told me: “no need for that”.


29. Listening to music whilst you cooking.

30. Buying flowers for the one you love.

. 31. Doing a bit of tidying up. Keeping the place nice and clean.

32. Seeing happy people.

33. Awaiting  in airport and seeing someone you love coming back to you.

34. Looking at the photos of your childhood.

35. Finally finding a pen at home when you been looking for while.

36. Remembering an old friend whom you really laughed so much with.

37. Your kids waiting at front door when you coming back from work.

38. Seeing a rainbow.

39. Telling someone you love, how much they mean to you.

40. A picnic with your kids in a sunny day.

41. Singing along your favorite song.

42. Making arts and crafts that you and your kids like.

43 . Making cup cakes.


Surely there are milion things in a day that make you smile. I can go on all day.

I want to end this post by reminding you: NO MATTER WHAT, KEEP SMILING.

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6 responses to “43 Things That Make You Smile

  1. This is a lovely post. It’s a great idea to write a list of all the things that make you smile. It really fits with the post I have just written about gratitude.

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