” The Builders” But What Are They Building

We are the builders he said and he repeated it few times. The Chancellor. We are the builders, we are the builders. He must really like that expression. He looked cool and content with himself. But what was he meaning by: WE are the builders. What was he talking about?

Was he talking about building few more roads, or few more houses, or few more rail ways?

OR was he talking about building few more food banks and few more poorer communities?

OR did he meant building the future for himself?

Whilst he was  having his speech thousands and thousands of people were protesting for further cuts he is planing on the millions of people and families who will struggle to survive. Yet he looked pleased with his speech.  They are now cutting the housing and benefit for single younger people and that means more people would be homeless.

According to Business news unemployment is suppose to rise sharply. It reports: ” Latest statistics released by the Centre for Economics and Business research have shown that unemployment rates will soar to 10 percent in North of England and 11 percent in Wales in the next 5 hears. The drastic cuts in public sector will see unemployment rates will settle at 7 or 8 percent in South of England and London.

What the cut on tax credits mean? It means,£1300 less in a year to families in need of this money.

But not all Conservatives were happy with cuts The London Mayor Boris Jonhsom speaks out and loud against it.

According to Guardian ” Boris Johnson has hardened his criticism of the way Conservative government is cutting tax credits, saying everything possible must be done to ” mitigate and palliate” the loss of up £1,300 a year for millions of families”


On other hand hundreds of thousands of people are signing a petition to the Chansellor. It says:” Child tax credit is there to make sure that struggling working families can still afford to put food on the table, pay rent, and buy the school uniforms – please don’t cut this essential support”

I think by calling his team “the builders” the Chancellor picked the wrong name. Maybe “the hunters” would suit them better.

Pixabay Images

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