3 Simple And Real Ways Of Making Money Online

Have you ever sat on your sofa thinking there should be a way of making money online. Sure. There are many people like you asking that question to themselves every single day, and searching for ways to start and making some pennies. There is thousands of posts on google about how to make money. Unfortunately a lot of them do not tell you anything…. But let’s take a look and see how can we make some money using our smart phones. The truth is we not talking about being millionaires over night. I am talking of how to make some money instead of just sitting there and doing nothing when you really need the money. So let’s get to the point.


Making money online it’s not easy, but I am going to give you some ideas how to get started. Some of them maybe wont be new but it worth taking a look  pick one which is right for you.

  • Sell your old unwanted items

We all have items which we never use. Why don’t use eBay and sell all your unwanted items. If you don’t have any, it still ok. Why don’t you buy some items and sell them for profit. To get started you don’t need to buy to many, just few. Think you can make money by doing it. You also can sell them on car-boot sale

  • Check out the websites, that pay money

Yes there are some  websites that will pay real money to complete different tasks. From shopping, testing products, taking surveys etc. Here are some of them.


This website will pay you to take surveys. It is free to register. It pays up £5 for survey or could pay you with products or high street vouchers


This is great site for making some extra money if you got some free time. It will pay you cash for taking surveys or even for using their search engine. Remember every little helps, and it’s better than killing your time on some games that make money for other people.

User tasting

You have to sign up as first step. You could be testing different products. Mobile phone, ipod or a laptop. How this works. The website will invite you into their center.

Participants will be testing the product. Completing key tasks. Then you will tell them what you think. Your feedback will tell them about the quality of their product.


This another website to pay cash for taking surveys. Toluna works on behalf of big companies and also pay on amazon vouchers or other high street vouchers. Sign up and start making money.

You gov

This site is different from others because you will be taking surveys about social issues or the general interest topics. They pay £3 for survey and it take 15 to 20 minutes to complete a survey. First step,  sign up.


This is another site who pays not just taking surveys but also tasks like entering data or writing reviews. Sign up if you need some extra pennies.

My surveys

This site pay you £3 to £5 for survey. Survey take 30 minutes. Sign up for my surveys and start making cash.


Valued opinions

This website is a part of a large market research group. They will pay you £10 voucher for an hour work on their surveys. Or for a smaller surveys they pay £1 to £5. Sign up with them and start making money.


This is not a survey site. Here either you can sell stuff (they call it gigs) for £5 or buy things £5.

  • Freelance Writing

This is very popular way of making money online but I have to admit it’s not for everybody.  What I can say is,  if you are good at writing and passionate about it you can make a living out of it. But you start small and grow step by step. There is lots of freelance companies which all offer different price for your posts. I am only going to outline some of them but before I would remind you that: it might be good idea if you represent yourself in writing a blog.

Once you are ready to start selling your writing articles take a look at them companies. Like I said they all pay different prices but you can pick and choose. Here is the list: TopTenz, A List Apart, International Living, FundsforWriters, Madator Network, The Penny Hoarder, iWriter.

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