Blogging A&E Crisis And Crisis That I Saw With My Own Eyes

Yeah I been thinking. I have heard a lot about A&E crisis for last few years. Then you just forget about it. But at the end of the day what are you suppose to do? No, honestly. What can you do about it. Until the crisis touch you. You get that feeling. It’s hard to explain…..


Couple of days ago we had to take our little boy to A&E department, after our doctor suggested he should go for a check up there. He wasn’t using his right arm and early on the day we could see he was in pain. Soon as we report at reception the lady tell us where to go and wait, pointing the direction. We head there. In the waiting room there are quite few parents with their kids. As we take our seats, I check the time. Is twenty past four in after noon. There our waiting time begins. We are seen by a nurse fairly quickly. She said we would be seen by a doctor soon. All seemed very hopeful. An hour passes by and our little boy starts crying. Kids! The most innocent human beings. He knows something is hurting. But that’s all. Another hour goes. The waiting room is getting over crowded. People are sitting and standing in corridor. Been waiting for more than 2 hours. Whilst I was waiting I noticed there was a total chaos. I noticed there was only one doctor. I noticed that doctor was spending more time on a computer screen than with patients. What else I noticed? Oh I noticed being there is your worst night mare. For some reason I recall the speech of the PM, just before he was elected. He said he was willing to spend £8 billion and save the NHS. Then you get health minister who tells NHS to get a grip and low the costs of spending. Then you see for yourself how NHS looks like. Corridors are full of beds with patients perhaps waiting for space to be transferred. A disaster. After 4 hours we get to se the doctor. He suggest a X – Ray for his arm. Then back at waiting room. After 5 hours we were out of A&E. We were out and released. But you can’t help but think: what about all them people waiting to get in to a room and get their treatment.


But I also need to mention that even you could see the crisis of a shortage doctors, nurses were there with caring nature which still gives you a nice and hopeful feeling.

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