5 Things To Consider Before Giving Up On Your Dreams


We were best friends, he said looking in my eyes, and I was called a dreamer. May be because I dreamed to much, maybe because I was a dreamer. But your real name is not a dreamer I said. No my name is Chris he said. I told my best friend about my dreams, he went on. That the best friends are for. My first dream was to write a book. But he said you need to be real and get a job and pay your bills. Now i want to tell him I wrote my book and i have published it. My other dream was to move to California. He told me that’s never going to happen. I want to tell him i moved to California 5 years ago, and I am taking good care of my bills and everything else. So the dreamer followed his dreams and make them reality.

Lorna a 42 year old lady told me about her dreams. She said my dream was to be an actress and by 25 to be married to handsome man and have 2 kids. Like I said she is now 42 never been married, neither she has any kids. She never followed her dream but she is happy with her life.

I still would say never give up on your dreams. We create our dreams. Then we dream to reach our dreams. Most the time our dreams are the goals we set. We know there is going to be hard to reach them, we know its going to take time, but you have to be determined to achieve them. Also there are people who just give up on their dreams. Here is things to consider before giving up on your dreams.

  • think through your options

You need to know what are your options. Let just assume, you have a daily job you hate. Yes I know that job is paying bills and putting food on your table. Your dream to be a teacher. To follow that dream, you must give up your job and study teaching. Can you survive? Of course you can. Maybe you need a part time job to support yourself.

  • Fear from failure

I know there is doubt of yourself when your nearly ready for a big dream. You keep thinking what if I fail? What do I do then? We create our dreams. We can achieve them. Dont be afraid of failure. In fact failure is a part of process. Remember out there is many famous people who failed many times before succeeding. Like Harry Potter author, J K Rowling was turned down by many publishers before a small London house took her on. We all know her name now. Abraham Lincoln, failed on business ventures and early politics, before he went to be the president of United States.


  • you know your passion

You know what you want. You know how passionate you are about your dream. For example you are wanting to build your company. That’s your dream. And that’s your passion too. You know might that will take long time but you going to fight for it. Time will pass anyway. But in the end you will reach your goal, your dream and you will get great reward.

  • Things could happen

As you know it will take a journey to achieve your dream. There might be lots of down turns, but you have to come back stronger and carry on. There might be hard times, there might be obstacles but you should be strong to overcome them.

  • Success could be just a step way

Here is when the expression: never give up, make sence. I know sometimes pressure would be just overwhelming and you just feel like you had enough, but NO, hold on there. You know success could be just around the corner.

There is many entrepreneurs who before being successful tried and failed, picked themselves up and tried again and again and again. It’s only why today we know their names.

I also must say most important thing in life is being happy and that is why we follow our dreams. But do not set unrealistc expectations as you could end up on depression and anxiety.

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