2 Different Worlds, The Gap Is Getting Wider

 2 Different Worlds.

It was a nice sunny day of September. Quite a few people were waiting in a bus stop. Suddenly a young man driving a fancy car just passed by. It’s nice to be rich, someone from the crowd said. But was he really rich?

Having a nice car, a lovely house and dressing smart doesn’t make us rich. Not at all. He might fit well in middle class. Let just have a look at statistics on rich, middle class, and poor.

The richest 1% own almost half of the worlds wealth (8 – 16 Trillion). The richest 85 people in the world own as much combined wealth of the poorest half the world 3.5 billion people. The list goes on and get scarier. The wealth of the world is concentrated in fewer people. What about the middle class? Studies are showing the middle class, (head teachers, doctors, civil servants, managers), is shrinking and sinking. This is the most disturbing social change of our lives, and is very likely to dominate our kids lives.image

 10 differences

How rich become rich and in years to come could be richer, and how middle class is shrinking and in years to come could be as working class. Here are 10 differences between rich and middle class.

  • The middle class work to earn, the rich work to learn.

The middle class don’t mind working hard for other  people. As far as they are concerned they have not only a job but the have a career to pursue. They have a good wage. They pay the bills and buy things they love. Also they will try to save money for their and their families future. While rich think and act in a different way. First they will try to learn skills and develop themselves. When the opportunity comes they will grab it with two hands. They will risk their money to become rich. Failure is not an option for them. If they do they will come back stronger and more self confident.

  • The middle class have nice things, the rich have assets and money

The people in middle class buy expensive cars, live in nice houses by the things sometimes they cant afford. Rich people buy assets, and they have the money. They don’t just spend the money. They think money makes money.

  • The middle class lives comfortably, the rich is comfortable being uncomfortable

The people from middle class live  in comfort as their job allows them too. They think being comfortable is being happy. They think playing safe is what they need. The rich people prepare themselves for tough times. They are risking their money to get their business work, and that is uncomfortable. But being uncomfortable for them is comfortable as they know where they aiming to reach high.

” Be willing to feel uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It might get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living your dream” Peter McWilliams.


  • The middle class spend more than they earn, the rich live within their means

The people from middle class spends money on the expensive houses, new cars , holidays abroad etc. It’s likely they spend more than they earn. While rich people live within their means.

  • The middle class people socialize with anyone whereas rich pick their friends carefully and wisely

Middle class people can be fiends with anyone. Rich people think friends should be better than you. Therefore they are surrounded by rich and powerful people. If you want to be rich, you got to think rich.

  • The middle class focus on saving for the future, the rich set their goals high and invest money

Middle class people are always stressing to save money. The rich are always thinking how to invest more money and ultimately make more money.


  • The middle class depend on jobs, the rich focus on opportunities

Middle class people rely their future on their jobs. Rich people focus always on opportunities.

  • The middle class people wait to get promoted, the rich people promote themselves.

The middle class people might be waiting all their lives to get promoted. The rich promote themselves.

  • The middle class underestimate themselves, the rich people know their abilities and are determined to reach high

The middle class people think they can’t do more than their job. The rich people know their abilities and have plans how to reach their goals.

  • Middle class choose to get paid based on hours they do, rich people choose to get paid on results

Middle class people have a wage or salary based on the hours they work. Rich people choose to invest their money and get paid on results.

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