Business As A Storyteller

I was excited, I just been appointed a general manager for a big firm – Nigel  stops and take a look at his audience.

He is telling a business story. We all know business is about trade, it’s about making numbers work, making the cold facts catch your imagination. I would say numbers don’t capture my imagination so it wont work for me.


Only a good story have that magic to change the way we think, the way we act, the way we feel and behave. They reach our heart’s, our feelings, capture our imaginations, arouse our emotions and our passions.

But can a business be a powerful storyteller.

A business is founded and managed by people therefore a business can be a storyteller through people. They have their stories. Each of them has a different story. But let’s just go back to our character Nigel, he is manager to new firm. He is just telling a story about his past experience. Why is he telling this story. He is being open to his co – workers and to his employees. Otherwise from his experience he would feel as an outsider, and maybe the employees and his co – workers wouldn’t trust him. Simply he is making a connection with his people. He is telling who – I am – story and why -I am – here story.

The storyteller is using his story not just connect with employees, customers, partners, but also to engage, inspire and produce results.


Storytelling is seen as a great business skill too.

Telling your story spreads the message, and not only just. It takes a good story to stand you out from others. So you make the change by storytelling.

Good stories touch us, make us think and feel. They stick in our heads with ideas and concepts.

The high technology has made it easy to share a story. Social Media is the most powerful one.

To make an wider audience note and think about your business you rather tell a great tell than state out the facts. People don’t care about the numbers. But when it comes to the story they will read it. They will think differently about you and your business.

The storytelling can form the foundations of entire work place, change the situations, persuade people, make them create a new view and understanding for your business.

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