6 Tips To Become An Entrepreneur

There are thousands of people thinking for the ways to became an entrepreneur. Most of them never do a start up and  from hundreds who do most of them will end upon failure. Why is there a very high percentage of failure on start up businesses. Not enough experience, not following the right path, not learning from mistakes and surely there is a lot more. But more often people ask is there any secret to success? Or is there a ready recipe to follow? No there is not. There are paths to walk on and here are 6 things to help you become an entrepreneur.


You need an idea for a start up business. It either can be an existing idea which you have to work hard and make changes and improve it or it can be a new idea which can give you a better chance on standing out from others and a step forward in your market. Armed with your idea you consult some experts and then if you get “go ahead” , you research the market. If you find that gap in market that will give you the advantage from others. So there’s the customers. Act fast.


You now have a solid idea. You have the knowledge of your ground of your start up business. Now you need to FOCUS. Focus in you first step. In your first little step. Do not pursue to many things at the time. One thing do it properly. Focus in your team. Pick your team based on skills, experience, and commitment. Know and prepare to train people if you need to.

Have a plan

Yes you need a plan in place. It will show the daily tasks. Main important things and less important things that need to get done. Every night write down in your note book, the priorities for your next day.One, two, three. Four. As you get up early in the morning you know what is the first task for that day. It will help you not being confused also will help to do what really needs to be done first


Knowing when to say: no

You can’t do everything yourself but you going to make the decisions for your team and you need to know when to say no. Your time is very valuable. Say no to activities who waste your time or to a task not very important. Set the boundaries of your firm. You can’t say yes to everything because by saying yes to everything you saying yes to nothing. Also what you have to remember is the most of successful entrepreneurs say no to most things.

” The difference between successful people and really successful people is that, the really successful people say no to almost everything” say’s the billionaire Warren Buffett.

Learn from other people’s mistakes

Learn as you go. More important learn from other entrepreneurs mistakes. Yeah everyone of them even now maybe very successful, in the past has make bunches of mistakes. It depends which applies to your firm, but make sure you learn from them and do things better way avoiding them. Many entrepreneurs also don’t mind talking about their mistakes, so that’s free tips. Take them.


Connect your body with your mind.

This is about your everyday routine. Do not neglect it. You going to work hard every day. You could be doing 60 hours a week or even more. When is time to eat just do it. At night do not seat and watch telly for hours. You need to have some rest. If you not next day you wont be you and it will affect your decision making and communicating with people you have to.

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