15 Qualities To A Great Manager

Everyone who set up a business think long and hard that, which is the best way to drive their business towards success, but still many fail no matter how much them individuals want to succeed. So what does play a key role in to success. Ideas, planning, funding, hard working? All of them and above all a great manager will take the business forward.


Who is a great a manager? What makes a great manager Great?

A great manager is a decent human being. More than being a boss you need to show you are good human being. Talk to the team. Explain the strategy and the ways to reach the goals.

Be professional. Perform professionally with your team. Be honest and open. Never try to be someone your not.

  1. Pick  a good team. Good individuals make a good team. Communication and respect is the key.
  2. Set’ the goals and talk to the team about the ways to achieve them goals.
  3. Inspire  and motivate the team. Through getting involved where and when you can.
  4. Appreciate and respect every one on the team. Show them you are like them. If someone makes a mistake tell them the mistakes are part of the job. Correct them, move forward to the next task
  5. Make your staff feel good.  Time by time ask people if they like their job.They will feel appreciated and will put their best efforts in to every day work.
  6. Be creative and innovative. You have the lead. Show and convince them that is the best way to achieve the goals.
  7. Organize the team. You as a manager divide the work in to manageable activities then select the people to accomplish the tasks need to be done.
  8. Have great communication skills. Remember communication is a key driving your team forward.
  9. Dealing and solving issues and conflicts which might occur every day. That requires ability and skills working under pressure.
  10. A great manager is measured by what they achieved. By the success delivered. Make everyone of  your team aware of that.
  11. Treat everyone equally  and well. Talk to your employees individually,tell them your interested to know whats going on. Ask questions.
  12. Keep the door open for everyone of your team. Help them if they need help.
  13. Get your team involved on decicion making. Good ideas come from people. Listen to the ideas they ‘ve got . You never know unless you ask
  14. Improve yourself and your career  by studying on courses and develop  your team through every day work. You will develop your staff if you delegate leadership experiences.
  15. Reward your staff. Success doesn’t come in plate but just through hard work and everyone of the team is part of that success. By rewarding them you are just proving that. Great managers create great  relationships with their team and co-workers and deliver great success.

Have you heard people saying: he/she was the best boss. Then you must have created that great connection with your employees.

Mary Parker Follett (1868 – 1933),defined management as the art of getting things done through people.

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2 responses to “15 Qualities To A Great Manager

  1. I think your points are so.valid. I belief, if more managers were better trained and considerate of the people they are interacting with we would all benefit. Just today my boss gave everyone a bar of chocolate, with a message that simply said ‘thank you’,we all loved it. We didn’t expect it and she has an open door policy and she does so many of the things you listed.


  2. Thank you so much Cally!
    It’s great your manager is not just a manager but a nice human too. That is a great skill, which in fact not all managers have.
    Thanks again 😊


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