Time For A Change

He was walking like he was drunk. You could tell he was upset. He reached for his mobile and he rung his wife. I am not coming home he said, I lost my job. She took a bit time before answering then she said: you still can come home. You have your family, you have me,  kids we need you and something will come up, sure something will change…..

Change mean do something differently. Change the route you been walking so far, walk in a new route.

Sometimes change became a necessity. Like you lose your job. You need a new one. So you must get out there and find a new job which would be different from  the one  you had.


Prepare for a change, invest in your future. How can you prepare, what that means? It means from early age you build your future through several steps.

  1. Learn, learn and learn some more. Never think your knowledge is the best and you know everything. There is always new things you can learn, new skills, new challenges ..even if you working always try to learn some new skills. Sometimes if you feel is time to change then you can go for it as you are ready and prepared with the skills you gained.
  2. Build a great relationship with your family and friends. Always find time for the people you love. Make time for them as they always will be there for you when you need them
  3. Invest in your future. Money, time. Build your future. Don’t expect it to come in a plate ready for you. It wont happen. So invest money. One day it will reward you. It will be different, because you thought about it, you invested in it, so it’s time to live your life in the way you want to.
  4. Believe in what makes your spirit relax. Always make that time. It will give you the confidence do believe in yourself.
  5. Have a healthy life. Eat drink sleep healthy. It means always eat and drink in healthy way. Take your time to rest ALWAYS as your body need that rest so the next day you will feel fresh for a new start. Also I would refer to a saying: If you healthy you can fight for your future.

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