Bottled Water Or Tap Water?

You might know more than 50 % of your body weight is water. Therefore drinking water daily is necessity.

But how do we do?

Reports say the water is the Worlds best selling soft drink. That is a good news. So more people drink water than fizzy drinks or other soft drinks. But we tend to buy more water than to get it from taps. The information about the drinking water on internet is overwhelming sometimes a bit confusing.


In UK there many brands of bottled water. They all claim to be the best. According to reports more than 30 million people in Britain drink bottled water. They say is safe is refreshing is distilled. Ok , what about the tap water. The water suppliers say is safer, is tasty, is more refreshing than bottled water, but if you don’t care about environment and about your money buy the bottled water.image

Which one is the best tap water in Britain?

Britain’s best tap water named by a panel of food and drink experts is water supplied by Severn Trent. Classed as best tasting water it was described by the panel as Mountain Stream of freshness. The second one came Anglian water. The water from Severn Trent covers large parts of midlands and mid Wales.

What is spring water and what is mineral water? Is there any difference?

We learned the fresh water occur on earth on different forms. It could come as rain, mist, snow. That will then be collected from surface like rivers, lakes and streams.

Spring water is the water collected from underground. It is rich in minerals and thought to be the best for hydration. It could be collected from the source.

Mineral water is also water originating from underground but flows over rocks before it’s collected. The source would be subject to continuous testing. Then it might need to go through distillation or purifying process or it might not.

What should we drink, tap water or bottled water?

That is everyone’s decision and personal choice. The FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) sees bottled water. EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency ) regulates tap water.


” Bottled water is not as safe as tap water says a report from Telegraph. It goes on: bottled water cost substantially more than what comes from the tap, but is not healthy for consumers a study has suggested.

Researches found bottled variety is subject to far less stringent tests than tap water and is much more likely to be contaminated or became a source of infection.

While tap water must be checked daily under a rigorous inspection regime, by contrast , bottled makers are only required to undertake monthly tasting at source it was claimed.

Tap water also contains trace amounts of chlorine that prevent the spread of anything harmful such a bacterial infection it was reported.

But once filled and sealed a bottle of water might remains in storage for months before it is sold and contains no disinfecting additives such as chlorine.” Finishes the report from telegraph.

The bottled water as business is estimated to be worth £ 1,5 billion in Britain each year.

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