Facebook Cofounders

Twenty first Century has proven to be very successful for internet entrepreneurs. There are many of them who left their mark on Internet World. I am just going to outline few of them today, the facebook co-founders


Who are they?

Mark Elliot Zuckeberg                                Internet Entrepreneur                                            Computer Programmer

Born on 14 May 1984 in White Plains New York. He studied at Harvard university. It was there where he and four other room mates launched the largest social network site Facebook. Today the network site counts more than a billion members.

At age just 23 he was classed as a billionaire. According to the reports he is worth 38 billion US dollars.

Mark Zuckeberg is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of facebook and lives in California United States.

Dustin Moskovitz                                                  Internet Entrepreneur

Born on 22 May 1984 in Gaines Ville Florida US. He is one of the five room mates to be known as Co founder of facebook in 2004.

He left the facebook in 2008. He is also a cofounder of a new company called Asana and cofounder of Angel Investor, a mobile photo sharing site.

He is said to be worth 9,8 billion US dollars.

Eduardo Saverin                                                 Internet Entrepreneur

Born on 19 March 1982 in Sao Paulo Brazil . He studied at Havard university and was  room mate with Mark Zuckeberg and Dustin Moskovitz and another two who together will launch the facebook in February 2004 He is known as cofounder of facebook. He is also cofounder of angel investor site.

He is worth 5,9 billion US dollars. He lives in Singapore since 2009.

Andrew McCollum                                                Internet Entrepreneur.                                           Computer Programmer

Born on 26 December 1979. He attended Havard university and together with Mark Zuckeberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes founded facebook. He left facebook on 2006. He is a cofounder of angel investor and job spice a online resume tool. He listed as 14 in facebook richest list.

Chris Hughes                                                        Inernet Entrepreneur                                           Computer Programer

Born on 26 November 1983 in North Carolina United States. He attended the Harvard University who together with his other four room mates is cofounder of facebook. He finished studies at Harvard University at 2006. He is worth 900 million US dollars.

He has been active in political life. 2010 He founded Jumo a nonprofit company helping people finding the ways to help the world. He was the Executive and Director of the company.

In 2012 he bought a big share of The New Republic Magazine.

He is now the Chairman and Executive of the magazine.

Mark Zuckeberg owns about 30 per cent of facebook shares and is The Chief Executive of facebook. It’s offices are based in California United States.

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