Not Just Survival But Success

When I first meet him I thought he was a woman. He got me a cappuccino and went. When he came back he told me he was called Alberto. Then I said ok and sat back in my chair. We had agreed to  meet another  time as I asked him for some free advice on a coffee shop. He had experience and he was successful. He said yes with a big smile in his face.

If you want to start a coffee shop, he said I like you to tell me the reasons. I am a good chef I said and coffee lover. I can offer great food and great service. That exactly what I thought when I opened my place he said. But i been fighting for survival for quite few months. Meaning offering good food, coffee, service is not always everything.

Here is why. Everyone who’s thinking to open a coffee shop is willing to offer great coffee food and service. Thinking just because of that people with queue to get in to your coffee place is wrong. All the competitors think the same. And there are some big fish out there.

So first you have to be different. You have to offer something nobody else will. That is the EMOTION. You have to make that emotional connection with your customers. Good food is soon forgotten but the way you make people feel, the emotion last for years to come.


Secondly is the menu. You know what you selling. Make it plain and simple. Remember you can’t please everyone. Long menus are confusing. Save time and money.

Thirdly Prepare and have a great team. Remember what we said in beginning. Make your customer feel special.

Fourth. Sustainable prices. Don’t just focus in your profit. Build a good relationship with suppliers first.

Fifth. The location. Finding and creating your business in a suitable location is a must. Don’t expect people to walk miles to come to your coffee place because that might never happened.

I am going to tell you one more last thing he said, when he was ready to go. The risk of failing is high very high but Risk and Reward.

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