You And Your Mobile

They have became our best friends. And we never let them go. Mobile phones. A wireless device now used world wide for communication via audio or data.

Where ever we go they are there with us ready to help with any task we need to complete. Great. I am just sitting down and having a coffee with a friend and I remember I am going away next week but I haven’t book the flight and hotel. I take my mobile out of my pocket and start searching for tickets and flights. It takes me only few minutes to find a good deal. I book the flight and hotel. Pay. All done. Just in 5 minutes sitting and having coffee.

But it wasn’t always like this. Mobile phones not been forever in our lives…… So I look back in time to find out where and when they appeared first……a trace of mobile telephony is found to be used 1940. German military started using radio phony on trains and later radio automobiles.

First advance in mobile telephony start with ” 0  G ” Zero Generation, from mobile telephone services. But ” 0 G ” was not the cellular service.

The first hand held mobile phone is produced from Motorola in 1973 and the first moblie phone call is demonstrated from researcher and executive of Motorola Martin Cooper on 3 April 1973. The handset he used weighed just over a kilogram.

The first commercial service of mobile phone is launched in Japan on 1979 then followed by Danmark, Sweden,Finland and Norway on 1981. The system they were using was ” 1 G ” or First Generation.

1991 then ” 2 G ” Second Generation” digital cellular is launched in Finland.

Ten years later Japan launches “3 G” Third Generation” which very rapidly is spread worldwide.

Was 2009 when the Industry Of Mobile Phones growth were reported to be worth more than £ 50 billion. The same year they started looking at data – optimized ” 4G”


A mobile phone today is not just a phone to make and take calls or text messaging. There is much more to a smart phone now. It pretty much has replaced the computer. You don’t need a desktop. Not anymore. So your mobile phone is a small computer in your pocket. You can complete most of computing tasks when on the go. You can check your social media, browse the web share great moments with friends and family.

How’s your mobile phone affected you?

The mobile has made your life easier. Absolutely. What else? In some points it seem your mobile phone it’s taking over your life. You can’t use a mobile whilst you driving. Other than that you be with your phone in your hands. Even if you talking to your friend your still using your mobile. You go out for a meal and before even taste the meal you take a pic of it and share it on facebook. Then start eating, then go back on facebook and take a look how many friends liked it. That when it’s getting to much.

There is joke: ” We had a party last night. And we had great fun, playing on our phones. ”

I think sometimes would be ok, and healthy to forget your mobile phone at home. Talk to your wife , husband, friends and enjoy it. Walk, play just spend  time in your own without your best friend ( mobile ). Convince yourself you don’t need your mobile 24 hours a day. You can be happy without it sometimes.

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