People, Ideas, Money

As you know now days you worth just how much money you have. So if someone has make £100 million. He/she is worth £100 milion, if I have a £5 in my bank that’s how much I am worth. That’s the way it is. Maybe you think: that is wrong we should be worth the same as we all are human beings. But if you say that loud the answer would be: blah blah blah. I am deaf, can’t hear you.
Have you ever been out of work or you had a job you really hated to go to. I am sure there are millions in that situation. And what do you do when you come back home and sit in front of television.

I would say don’t give up! Take a moment and think long and hard. Ask yourself: where do you fit in this busy fast moving world. And don’t say nowhere. We all to fit somewhere. Where are your dreams , your ideas..Let just assume you are a clean freak but you got no qualifications. Not to worry. A cleaning business could be just perfect for you. It is very simple and low cost start up business. There is not the right person or the wrong person for this. Anyone can do it. Well anyone who’s got:


2. Passion

3. Right guidance

4. Enough funding

If you have these qualities then you can make it into a business. What do you have to do?

First step you need to decide what cleaning you want to do. Domestic cleaning. This can include  cleaning people’s homes. Commercial cleaning. You be doing everyday office cleaning. Specialised cleaning. You could be cleaning veichles , window cleaning, cleaning schools etc.

Then whatever you decide next step would be the market research. Alot of research. Your potencial customers. Your competition. Because is a simple business it has a big competition.

To start a cleaning business in UK you don’t need a licence but maybe a CRB check would help giving you confidence and trust.

Then you need to find the cleaning suppliers. You might need a van. The cleaning supplies you usually need is hoovers, bin bags, brushes, cleaning products etc.

After that you need to think: how big your company would be. Meaning how many people you need to employ. This will depend on your market.

Then you need to sort out the payment arrangements with customers. As the cash flow is very important for the start up businesses.

That is it. Working hard you should be able to grow your business and make good money.


This is simple a business. But if you have other ideas, if you have great ideas you can turn them into a great success. But it’s not quite easy. To bring them ideas to life or into action you need to have alot of time, maybe money and and a team of advisors and experts. Knowing that what your idea is you be either creating a new product or offering a new a service . Whatever your idea is don’t let cover it in dust, bring it forward, make it into a success.

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